Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Had to tear myself away from VH1 Classic to write something. It's like living in a time warp. David Lee Roth--what can i say? that was some fantastic 80's fashion, i tell you what...and i had forgotten how hot Tina Turner was (and still is!). She kicks ass.

And do you know who i'm totally smitten with? Lisa Marie Presley. That woman rocks. She's vulnerable and tough and gorgeous and she snarls her lip just like daddy! It's so cute because i don't think it's intentional and her voice is so powerful and I just love her. I've seen her on a couple of interviews lately. her personality is what really won me, but i love her songs, too. speaking of pesonality, i watched jay leno last night, which was being hosted by katie couric because they traded places, and the musical guest was robbie williams. i've heard his name, but had never heard his music. cool song, gonna download some and see what i think, but his personality--wow--loved him!!! anyway, back to Lisa Marie. I've never been an Elvis fan and since he died basically before my time i don't really have any memories of him. and i was thinking about that...and how she must have such a heavy weight hanging over her, such high expectations, such public curiousity. and then there are people like me who are only vaguely aware of the connection. i see her, not her father. anyway.

So there's a store here called DI, which is like Goodwill for those of you in the rest of the country, and they'll come pick up large pieces of furniture and appliances from your house if you're donating them. BUT they only come to each town once a week, and today was our day...so they picked up our old couch/loveseat today and our living room is empty. weird. so we're hanging out in the upstairs family room, but it's hot up there today. it's 74 degrees outside, and downstairs, which means i don't need to turn on the AC, but upstiars is hot...lulling me to sleep, along with my beloved VH1 Classic...

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