Friday, May 23, 2003

here i am--in the glorious Maine!! On a g.d. dial up modem--how do people live like this???? Jeeeeeeeeezzzz.......

So when i arrived last night i went straight for my closet, in my old bedroom and dug into the huge box containing all 20 volumes of journals i filled from age 13 to 23 so that i could put the final piece in the puzzle of how i met a certain person, about 7 years ago....and i found the entry fairly quickly, and spent the next hour poring through the journals, reliving my 20th year...good times. FUNNY girl. oh MY god. I mean, really. I was hilarious. i would be like, madly in love with a different guy every 3 days and each one was "definitely it!"--I was giggling at me. I was very dramatic. I am going to take all the journals back to Utah with me and transcribe them onto disc, so they're a little less vulnerable to decay. gooooooood stuff. and maybe, if you're all REAAAALLLLLY lucky, i'll start posting entries occassionally--cuz that be some goooood entertainment. I've actually considered publishing the whole set--"Diary of the Girl Next Door" or "The Fall of a Mormon Teenager"...hee hee. names changed to protect the identities of the innocent...and the GUILTY!! har.

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