Tuesday, May 20, 2003

i am watching American Idol right now. how much ass does Ruben kick????? He is so freaking amazing. that voice. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. oh simon, shut it. anyway. can't wait til tomorrow to find out who wins!! and i am sooooooooo annoyed at whoever it was who asked Carmen stupid ass rasmusen to open for Dave Matthew Band when they play Utah later in the summer. Not that i'm going to that show, but if i was planning to go i would definitely boycott it, just because of her. she sucks as much ass as reuben kicks. har. okay, nuf of that.

"I've missed you," said the kitty to the rooster. "Please, come inside..."

Today was a GREAT day--one of those days when you get tons done, you know? i had a big project due for "work" and i thought i had about 4 hours left to do on it, but it only took me about 2, so then i went and did a bunch of my errands that i was planning to do tomorrow. i bought some incredibly beautiful glass vases--very thick and striking. and i even swallowed my pride and entered the gay-ass mormon bookstore to buy a book my mom wanted--but only because she wanted it and i love her. i love having lists and crossing things off. i even assigned some tasks to the hubby. he's so cute. came home for a nooner yesterday. hee hee. that's always fun. he knows what time the kids nap, so if he shows up then he knows he has a good chance of gettin' some.

whoa. i finally brought a swivelling office chair into the kitchen and Max just discovered that if he climbs onto my lap and hugs me that i'll spin around and around and around and he loves it!! i, on the other hand, am feeling like puking.

oh yeah. loved the matrix. kicked so much ass. that's my phrase of the day i guess. god i'm going to vomit. no more spinning.

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