Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Well that was interesting. I wrote a sentence (nothing thrilling whatsoever, trust me) and it just deleted itself as i was typing. It wasn't that bad, come on!! And i'm not even using my laptop in a manner which causes me to drag my lazy palms over the mouse thingy because that can do some weird shit...oh well.

I used to be BIG into Phish, a few years back, and they're coming here in July. some friends are going and tickets are on sale saturday so i have to decide if i want to go. i mean, i really want to go, but i haven't even listened to one of their CD's in at least 3 years, and i haven't heard any of the Cd's they realeased after 95 or 96...they're supposed to be amazing live--very grateful dead like...sigh. decisions. My husband and i are currently negotiating a deal to go to Seattle or San Fran. to see Metallica in August though--woooo hoooooooooo!!!!! I LOVE metallica so that's an easy decision. speaking of music, dumb people who share music files on kazaa or morpheus really crack me up. Like, they don't know who really sings a song so they just make it up, you know? I have one that lists Led Zep as the artist for Magic Carpet Ride...i downloaded it because i thought it was a cover or something. No. Not a cover. Just ignorance. Steppenwolf, people, come on! Led Zepelin???? Have you even HEARD magic carpet ride????? i hate being smarter than everyone else. it's very tiring.

Two motherfucking weeks from tomorrow and i'll be floating along above the clouds at hundreds of miles per hour, eastward bound. gaaaaawd i love travelling!!! eeeek. now i have a john denver song in my head (homeward bound) which is odd because i am not sure i've ever heard one of his songs all the way through, and i certainly never listened to any on purpose (may he rest in peace). Oh, and for the record: you know how some people claim that there are two kinds of people, those who love Neil Diamond and those who don't? Well...just to clear up any questions: DON'T. I'm firmly and forever on the hating diamond side. Sorry. I know lots of cool people who for some crazy reason enjoy the man's music, but i just can't do it. It's a long story, involving a frighteningly creepy man who didn't bathe for the entire 6 years I knew him (and god only knows how long before then his last shower took place)...i'm shuddering, convulsing....better change the subject...

I'm reading a book called Confederacy of Dunces, by John Kennedy Toole. I'll write more about that later. I haven't had much time to get into it yet, but it is briliant.

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