Monday, May 12, 2003

Once again, i've been slacking, but a have a really good excuse this time. One of my sons was in the hospital for a few days last week. he actually got hit hard by RSV which is a cold-like sickness that is usually only severe in kids under 2 and the elderly, but for some reason it knocked my baby's socks off. so that was fun.

On Saturday my husband and i discovered a new hobby together--rock climbing! i've been itching to try it again, and he had too, so we did. we went to the indoor rock walls, so we could rent harnesses and get some instruction, besides the fact that i'm totally afraid of heights. We had the best time, and decided that'll be our new hang out. Most of the people there were hard core climbers with their own gear and the funny looking pants. one toally bad-ass guy was climbing cracks--it's literally just a crack down the wall and he sticks his fingers and toes into it and supports himself that way. crazy!! anyway, it's a workout and a rush and just plain something different--that's all i require out of life, you know? To stir it up occassionally. and after the first climb, I trusted that my belayer wouldn't drop me, so the fear of heights was mostly gone.

And then we went to the furniture store. that's right, baby! it's leather couches for us! they'll be delivered wednesday and i'm just counting the minutes!!!! i am finally going to love my house!!!

We hooked our DishNetwork back up yesterday--hubby couldn't live without watching the NBA finals, apparently. i'm loving it. i have missed the Daily Show and my darling Jon Stewart so much!!! And we have VH1 Classic--that is the coolest station ever! Not only do they actually play videos (something MTV is allergic to, these days) but they are all old...sigh of is good.

AND there are only like 9 days left until i leave for Maine. AND it's finally a warm spring day after lots of (unusual) cold and rain...73 degrees today. Could life get any better? I just don't know. well, if my kids weren't still a little sick, preventing me from going to the gym today that would be better...and if i didn't have a pelvic exam tomorrow, that would be better...and if my dishes were already done, that would be, i sure know how to ruin my own good mood!!!! oh well.

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