Thursday, May 15, 2003

Okay, so here's the QUESTION OF THE DAY: As a straight woman, would you prefer to kiss an unattractive guy, or a VERY attractive girl? That's a good one for fence-riders...Let me know your answers. I should probably ask the reverse of that for men, but i think I already know that every straight guy out there would prefer a 400 pound butt-ugly woman to Brad Pitt. But, hey, if i'm wrong, let me know!

So spring is sort of here. i used up all my excitement and joy on the first few times i THOUGHT it was spring, but then got snowed on the next day...oh well. i am not entirely sure the warm weather is here to stay, but we'll see.

just got interupted here by a phone call from my best friend--who is driving from Utah to Maine right now. She called from the lovely--and low speed limit--state of Pennsylvania. we're very excited that i'll be there next week!!! She even talked me back into taking my kids for a whole month at the end of summer...i was starting to have doubts if that was a sane's probably not, but it's worth it. I can't wait to see everyone! We're going to go to my favorite lighthouse if there's time. i'm so annoyed that i'm only staying for a few days. there's too much to do!!!! which is why i'll go back for a month in july/august. Sometimes i'm so short-sighted i'm surprised i'm allowed to drive.

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