Sunday, May 18, 2003

It's my step son's 7th brithday today. He's hilarious. He's a foot taller than any of the other kids in his class, and about an inch thick--walking skeleton. The doctor says he'll be AT LEAST 6' 7" so we're hoping he gets into basketball far he's more into football, and that's okay for now, but...when he's full grown it won't work so well. Unless he just throws the ball over everyone else's heads, or something. Anyway. He's a little game boy addict and he's been better than me at video games since he was 4 years old...he used to try to show me how to do stuff, but I'm too dumb. Or at least in the video game realm. I have been addicted to Tetris and i rather enjoy a good round of the original Mario brothers game...but other than that...i'm useless! I'm from the age of Pong, what can i say? I have the hand-eye coordination of a...of a...really uncoordinated person, that's what! jeeeez. my brain is fried. Once upon a time (that's the phrase of the day, i guess) I had a pretty high IQ, but i've been losing about a point a day for the past 3 years...well, okay, that isn't quite possible, now is it? I person without impaired mental function might have realized that before writing it. It's no wonder my self esteem has taken a hit over these past few years--my smarts used to be what i clung to, but now...sigh. Okay, i'm still smarter than most of the people i meet on a daily basis--but that's only because they're toddlers. and let's face it--they're smarter most of the time anyway. i'm just talking in circles today.

I'm going to see The Matrix Reloaded tonight!! I'm soooooooo very excited. The first one absolutely blew me away. Can't wait!!!!

And by the way....the countdown to Maine is now 4 days. and really only 3 because today is half over and it's filled with fun stuff for the rest of the day, and then that just leaves mon, tues, and wed, leaving bright and early thurs. Who the fuck came up with "bright and early"??? Shouldn't it be "nasty and early"? Or "putrid and early"? Or "couldn't be healthy to be up this early"??? My favorite expression for such a time of day is "The butt crack of dawn." because that is how i feel at the crack of dawn--like a butt crack! beauty. okay. have a lovely day.

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