Friday, March 07, 2003

Um…did I tell you we got a new dishwasher? If I did, just ignore this, but if not, hold on to your hat cuz it’s about to get exciting!! Our old dishwasher was so crappy, you had to prewash everything or it cam out dirty, and our glasses always had nasty hard water residue. This one is a dream. It has delay start settings and tons of room inside and it gets everything sparkling clean. It fills me with more glee than it ought. Another exciting home improvement we made is this: we FINALLY got blinds. We had the Blind Man do them: custom cut, installed, etc. they’re beautiful. And of course, the best part is, I don’t have to worry about flashing my neighbors or getting caught laying on the couch all afternoon!!! Woo hoo! We’re going to go look at carpet and tile this weekend, and next will be couches!!! We’re finally going to have a house I’m not ashamed of, I think! It’s a miracle…I’m going to cry. Okay, not really, but I’m feeling all sorts of dramatic all of a sudden. And I’ve been ignoring my book lately—hoping it would finish itself and trot off to a publisher, I think. Hasn’t worked yet…dammit. So, I guess I’ll have to start making it a priority again, because I’’ll be in maine in a few months and I need something to brag about…of course, no one will be listening because they’ll be so awestruck by the beauty of my physique…well, okay, still working on that, too. I was getting really bored of the gym so I finally took the plunge and switched from elliptical to treadmill. I’ve been jogging for 45 minutes all week and I love it. It feels so great!! It’s waaaaaaaaaaay more of a workout, too. So hopefully I’ll actually start dropping some pounds. If I work out for a whole year and I’m still not at my goal weight I’m going to go bulimic. I have four months left to reach my goal so I better start working a little harder, because I hate throwing up.

Here's a little story starter which was inspired by a boy in a pink hat...i'll add to it at some point.

She glanced up from the treadmill and as fast as her heart was beating, it still skipped a beat. She had to blink then stare for several long seconds before she realized it wasn’t him. He was smaller-framed and shorter, but his eyes, hair and smile made him a dead-ringer for him. The one she generally referred to as “the one who got away…” Her thoughts wandered, back to the chain of events which had led her away from him. They had been friends for several years, and she had been wildly attracted to him from the first time they met. He was absolutely gorgeous. His eyes sparkled with mischief and he was full of dreams and crazy-wonderful plans. He loved life as much as she did. As she slowed her pace to cool down for the final minutes of her run, her eyes found him again. He was heading for the rowing machines in the row ahead of her, oblivious to her piercing stare. She smiled softly to herself at the twinkle in his eye which was so familiar and the stocking cap he was wearing which looked like it belonged to his little sister—pink with a ring of white hearts around the band. Just the fact that he was wearing such a hat made her want to hug him. It showed personality and uniqueness. He was someone not afraid to be himself, to express himself. With a closer look he resembled her lost love a little less, but he had the same spirit--she could tell.

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