Sunday, March 16, 2003

I am watching "In the Bedroom" right now and it's making me incredibly, nauseatingly homesick. I've seen it before, so i put it in the DVD player knowing what would happen, but i felt like being homesick today. You see, that movie was filmed not just in Maine, not just in a town near where i grew up, but in the exact town where i lived my whole life. there are shots of MY lighthouse, Owl's Head Light, there are shots of MY mainstreet, the darling little one way street that we used to drag in high school. ANd just scene after scene including shots of places i have been and seen a million or more times. I just can't even stand it. and the radio that was playing in the background mentioned the sponsor of the baseball game they were broadcasting and it was a company my Dad used to work for. Just too much nostalgia for me to not write it down. If you've never been there, just know this: Maine is the most beautiful place on earth. in the summer in the fall and after an ice storm.

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