Friday, March 28, 2003

I just made the world's greatest much for my skinny pills, eh? I can't help myself!! I was compelled. Martha Stewart SAID they were the "best" brownies, and holy mother of god, if she gives a recipe the whole hearted thumbs up, i'm gonna have to follow her like the herd-able little sheep i am. Actually I think she's a frightening poster child for OCD, but she has damn good taste in food. Yum. Come on in, fat grams and carbohydrates, make yourselves at home right here in my problem area, oh no, stay away from my breasts, we wouldn't want them getting larger, and the ass, no we like it small, but grab right ahold of that gut and cling for dear life cuz it just ain't big enough!!! Hallelujah and praise the King of Cooking.

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Anonymous said...

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