Wednesday, March 26, 2003

I am such a boring person. I was about to begin this entry with a comment about how much i enjoyed my run today, but then i realized that i've talked about my workout for at least 3 days in a row and while i know i included in my blog description at the top of the page that I am an exercise addict, i'm not really ready to be so boring as to only talk about that. Because frankly, i'm not nearly as addicted as some people. don't get me wrong, i love it. it makes me feel good in more ways than i can count...well, that's sort of a silly thing to say, because i can count to the highest trillion available, and i only stop there because i don't know what comes after trillion...gazillion? Well let's find out. nope it's much more logical than that quadrillion... interesting... Anyway, expressions like that are soooooo silly. LIke, "have your cake and eat it too". Well, duh. why in the bloody hell would you NOT eat cake if you had it? I mean, that is what it's for after all. I just shared this thought with a friend recently and it's still plaguing me. Also, the crossing the bridge when we get there thing--yeah, um, of course we won't cross it before we get there because that's physically impossible. Who came up with that crap, and furthermore, why do we all use those expresssions when they're so meaningless? I know I'm not saying anything new, probably every half-assed comic from here to Alaska has said similar (but funnier) things a million times before, but I don't really give a flying fuck. That used to be my favorite word, but now I don't get the chance to use it much.

I'm thinking about getting a job for a few hours a week just for something to do. How's that for a strange motivation for job hunting? It's kind of cool. For the first time in my life I'll be looking for a job without the intense desperation caused by the Grim Reaper of late credit card payments following me around as I go. I don't even care if they only pay me minimum wage--all i need to do is earn enough to pay my babysitter, and she's not charging much. The best thing about this will be that my kids will be in an environment where they can develop some social skills, you know? They're coming up on 3 here, so it's not like they neeeeeeeed me the same way they used to, and i don't think i'll feel like i'm abandoning them or anything. I mean, hell, i'm only planning to work 10 or 15 hours a week so i think they'll hardly notice i'm gone. And the other good thing about it is I could maybe make some more friends. Being a housewife is a bit on the solitary side sometimes. If I lived in Maine, it wouldn't be as bad because all my family as around and one of my best friends is a housewife with two little boys too. Hers are older, but still. She's awesome. Of course, I could start ever sentence wth "if I lived in Maine..." because that's my obsession. Oh well. Perhaps someday.

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