Friday, February 28, 2003

okay Jeannie Pitt the goddess of html just taught me some shit. let's see if i'm a good learner.
here are some of my favorite blogs This Dude is so amazing. If you go to his archives around december, there is the greatest story about his death and his fantastical encounters with the soul of Kurt Cobain, and many others.
and also i like Kate Sullivan and let's not forget the woman who started it all-for me at least Raymi a most charming and neurotic Canadian party girl who lived for a time in my hometown of Rockland Maine.

okay, i'm going to check that first...holy shit on a stick, it worked!! now i'm feeling all sorts of tough. of course, all thanks go to my dear Ms. Pitt. here's her link, since i know how to link people!!! woo hoo!! The Giggle Pitt i want to link everything in sight, just for fun...but i won't.
DAmmmmmit. why didn't anyone tell me there is a handy little button at the top of this editing page which turns links into html for you??? sigh. now i don't feel so very smart, closer to dumb for not noticing something which would have saved me time and effort. oh well. it was still fun to learn something new.

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