Saturday, March 22, 2003

so it's a beautiful spring day in suburban Utah and i'm sitting in my kitchen with the shades drawn, pounding away on my laptop. The sun is just too bright and beautiful for my hungover eyes, you know? that sort of thing never used to bother me...when i was younger. Ugh. I can see 30 looming in the too near for comfort distance and frankly it scares me every bit as much as I always thought it would. So there. They say that 40 is the new 30, which would mean that 30 is the new 20, but i'm thinking there's no way that's true, unless they're talking about the 20 of the Middle Ages--back when the life expectancy was 40 and girls were married with 2-4 children by the time they were 18--and they looked like our 40. Hmmmm....did any of that make sense to anyone but me? Hopefully. Anyway...i think i was whining about being hung over. I bet y'all have a lot of sympathy for me. The sad thing is I can get hung over now without even drinking, and also without getting even remotely buzzed. Why does physiology have to change when you get older? I rather enjoyed the drinking all night, getting no sleep before a long gruelling day of work and oh wait--feeling even more shitty than I do right now. least i didn't get hangovers back then.

Had to go break up a brawl between the twinners. Oliver bit Max so Oliver is now in time out. Grrr.

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