Sunday, March 09, 2003

Today I had a moment. I was heading home from a little saturday afternoon grocery shopping. It was 60 degrees outside, and i had my windows down and my new iron maiden blasting... i was waiting to make a left at a red light, and as the traffic moved through, there came one of those fantastic parades of Harley Davidsons. Always takes my breath away, the sight of so many of those huge, powerful, gorgeous machines. And as they picked up speed the rumble of their motors sent chills up my spine. my arm was hanging out my window already, and i reached for them. i wanted to touch the bikes, the leather, the hot exhaust, the dust of the road. I had this feeling surge through my gut—a mix of exhilaration and panic at being left behind—and it took a lot of strength to keep from veering off my course and following them towards the East mountains, hobble creek canyon their possible destination, or perhaps just a stroll down highway 89. in any case, my heart went with them, a small chunk of myself ripped off and fluttered after them in the breeze, leaving a ragged wound. i was so unsettled but all i could do was push 100 when i got to the freeway...and that was almost enough.

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