Saturday, March 22, 2003

I feel like I should write something extra profound and interesting since my hits have doubled, but as usual, when the pressure's on I panic. Why is it that I like to obsess over every detail of my psyche, every character flaw, every neuroses??? I was just realizing today that that seems to be my favorite pasttime lately...and by lately i mean the past ten or twenty years. Okay, twenty is definitely stretching it a bit--i was just a happy little kid with too many daydreams to fit in a day and too many Barbies to dress up for their rotating make out sessions with Ken twenty years ago...oops, I mean, I was just a newborn? ahem. guess i gave a little too much away in regards to my possible age. actually, i am now afraid i may have made myself sound older than i am...once again obsessing over something trivial. oh well.

Here's my housewife news of the day: I made strawberry freezer jam today. This jam is so good it inspires a person to create excuses for eating it. I will be having toast with peanut butter and jam for breakfast every day for the next 6 months, or until the red gold supply is depleted...and having pb and j for lunch every day as well. Just a hint: when there's no jam, i rarely have sandwiches or toast. Anyway, if you're even remotely in love with good food, as i am, you should attempt a batch of this stuff--just buy a package of SURE JELL. It's easier than making pie--trust me. Pies are actually fairly easy as well. I love food. I am only addicted to exercise so that i may continue to eat whatever i want. food is love. or something.

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