Thursday, March 20, 2003

Well, so it's war then, is it? Great. I'm so selfish and egocentric that i'm mostly just hoping it's over quickly so that my pathetic little life doesn't have to be disturbed. and by disturbed, i mean i don't want to have to feel anything out of the ordinary--on the inside or on the, worry/fear/angst on the inside or nuclear fallout/chemical warfare/smallpox on the outside (and inside, i know...). so anyway. enough of that. why the hell did they have to pre-empt american idol just to tell us they officially started the war but nothing's really happened yet? i mean come on. get back to us when you've done something, eh? like i said: don't disturb my precious little bubble of calm existence, please. especially for monotonous and uninformative crap. crap i say, crap.

Anyway. I have been mercilessly scouring the internet for the cheapest possible plane ticket to go home for a long weekend, but i'm coming up empty. Oh well. I guess i'll just have to pay full price like all the non-cheapskates out there. oh well. i almost fenagled a deal where i could fly into the tiny municipal airport in my tiny hometown for only about 20 $ more than flying to the closest large airport which is about 2 hours from my town. the dates didn't quite coordinate, but it would be cool. i will definitely have to do that sometime, cuz damn. it doesn't take much to get me excited, eh?

ooh. i just realized that my best friend is in Thailand, and i was thinking of writing something about how cool that is and how jealous i am, but i don't know about this whole war thing. i mean, i'm sure it's not going to affect her, but i like the idea of having someone to worry about. i have a couple of ex boyfriends who are in an armed service, but frankly, not too worried, ya know? i mean, they're EX boyfriends. One of them is actually my first boyfriend who broke my heart so thoroughly that i still haven't recovered, almost ten years later, and i've only recently started putting out positive feelings about him into the universe. he is married with a 3 or 4 year old and a baby on the way, so it would really be sad if he got sent over there and something happened to him. i'm actually rather proud of myself for feeling that way because several years ago I actually got excited everytime the news would report something like, "3 Marines were killed in a training exercise near blah blah blah..." and i'd listen for the names with an evil sparkle in my eye then say damn when it wasn't him. yes, that's how badly he hurt me. But, like i said , i'm over it. and i hope if he is over there fighting for us that he does it well and returns quickly and safely. the other ex--who is more likely to be over there--is in the Navy and didn't really hurt me much. in any case, it was a shorter affair and i'm long since over that. in fact, his decision to join was a huge shock since he was a stoner long haired musician type when i knew and loved him. he just up and quit partying, buzzed his hair and joined up about 2 years ago. weird. heard it through the grapevine and nearly passed out from shock. this was a good thing for him, however, since he was going nowhere fast, so to speak. i hope he also stays safe and returns quickly...well, after blowing to hell several hundred iraqis at least...

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MixMax said...

Hi there, I came across your blog and read that post. Did you hear anything about those ex-'s since then?