Monday, March 24, 2003

Well, Mondays are always good. Weekends can be so hectic that it's sort of a relief to get back to the boring routine of my week. I should be getting ready to go to the gym right now, but I'm going to procrastinate just a bit. I had the wackiest dreams last night. My Mom arrived back from a short trip (as if she lived here) and went to sleep in my bed and there was much discussion about what time the garbage truck comes (it really does come on mondays) and she was telling me that I would just never be beautiful and I should accept it and then my pregnant sister was driving me to my brother's house and she was driving like a maniac on snowy mountain roads and laughing about it and we kept almost going off cliffs but she didn't seem to notice. She lives in Florida, and my Mom lives in Maine, so go figure. Then we were part of a CSI or Law and Order episode, because there was a murder investigation going on and everything was hazy and psychedelic. I'm actually surprised that eminem didn't make an appearance since I watched 8 Mile before bed last night. It was better than I expected, after hearing some friends' reactions, but not as good as The Good Girl. MAN, I loved that movie. It was sad and depressing, but it was fantastic. I did get inspired to write a story or book from the video for "Superman" which was a bonus feature on the 8 Mile DVD, though. I am just a creative-writing fool lately. Everything gives me a story idea. I'm afraid i'm going to be way better at short stories than novels. My novel is collecting dust in a major way...but, I have been spending some time on it in the past week or so. I reallly have to get moving on it if I'm going to have ANYTHING to brag about at my ten year reunion this summer. AWWW shit. I just gave it away. I'm a horrible secret keeper, but mostly because i don't like to keep secrets. Since I dropped out of college, I'll need something to tell my old friends about, to save face in the intellectual/overachievers group I was a part of. I mean, sure I have a house and a husband with a good enough job that i can afford to stay home but I don't consider those accomplishments, just good fortune. So...I need to have something palpable, something to say when they ask what i've been up to. See, the last time I ran into someone whose opinion i value, and had to answer that question, I had nothing to say. I was just past the one year birthday of the twinners and i was sooooo fat and completely depressed about that and about being stuck in the house for days on end. All I could do was smile and shrug and say, "Uh...not much, you know...uh, just living..." Oh MY Gawd. It was pathetic. Anyway, I'm not writing the book for this reason, it's just that I've realized it'll be extremely handy for filling that need. OKay. gym time.

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