Sunday, August 06, 2006

Saturday blends into Sunday in Jet Lag Land

(here's what I wrote on the plane)

Start singing Motely Crue, fuckers, because I am, in fact, on my way!
(destination: home sweet home)
Yes, I think I'm funny.
Yes, I like blogging, even when I only have such rudimentary recording devices as a pen and some paper.
Stoneage, man.
And we're taxiing------
LIFT OFF!!!!!!!!!

It is a rainy night here in this little dollop of the Pacific.
Good time to head back to the desert, eh?

Some of you may have heard my theory about Utah's magical borders, but if not, here's the summary:
when passing out of Utah, one immediately becomes 20% more attractive and 10% thinner.
It's scienece, it cannot be disputed.
However, I have just discovered a clause in this law--
Hawaii is actually an inversely proportional locaton:
20% uglier, 10% fatter upon entry.
Oh well.
That's the beauty of being over 30 and married: I don't have to compete anymore!

Our movies tonight are "Failure to Launch" and "Mission Impossible 3".,
I have been attempting a half-assed boycott of Tom Cruise and all of his by-products, but I think it's going to be a decent show, so what the hell.
So much for sticking to my guns!
and, hey, I couldn't get my guns through security anyway.

Hey, did I mention how great Hawaii was?
We really had a picture perfect time.
Plenty of relaxation mixed in with incredible sights and adventures.
The snorkelling was nearly my favorite, but it's hard to choose.
Ok, time to listen to some tunes.


Settling back into the daily grind.
Friends to catch up with, kids to re-train.

Will post pictures soon.
Maybe a fantasy later this week; it's written, just need to find the right day.

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