Monday, August 21, 2006

Mondays are actually good, sometimes

Mondays are back to routine, and back to business.

Again, I thank you each for your dear comments.

I feel like changing the subject would be disrespectful, but I also feel like I cannot dwell on this any longer.
Even his girlfriend remarked yesterday how much better she feels already--
and how she feels a little guilty and a lot surprised that only a week has passed, leaving her so much lighter.
I agreed.
I think it's because we grieved so hard, so deep.
And's a reprieve.
We finally pounded it into our heads that yes, he IS gone.
No more denial, although it was a strangely comforting feeling to repeat, "This can't be true," etc.

My house is sorely in need of a deep cleaning.
I think a good Fall Cleaning is almost more important than a Spring cleaning--
kids home making messes all summer, tracking in grass clippings, playing in sandboxes!
The sun was coming througha window the other day at just such an angle as to illuminate the dust particles in the air.
I found myself frantically breathing through my nose:
it looked like there was more dust than oxygen in the air.
Friggin' scary.
And probably not that great for our lungs, etc.
So...time to dust and vacum (although this dust-sighting was on the main floor of my home, which has all tile floors, and leather or wood furniture. there are a couple of rugs, but maybe that's why there's more dust in the air...? Dunno.)
I found myself wanting to turn on the vacum and just wave the hose around in the air!
I learned a cool cleaning trick at the bridal shower I went to the other day.
Take your lint trap out of your dryer every couple of months and wash it with soap and water.
If you're using a fabric softener that comes in sheet form, there is a substance on it that clogs that screen and will become a fire hazard.
Besides, if you have a clean screen, your dry times go down by ten or fifteen minutes per load.
Yes, I'm a housewife, and don't you forget it!!

So, school.
I got the kids a bunch of awesome clothes yesterday.
That never gets old.
I love buying clothes, period, and when it's "necessary" it's even more fun.
And they're so cute!!
I just need to find them some good shoes, and we'll be all set.
...they are 6 and I haven't even thought about teaching them to tie their shoes because they haven't had lace-up shoes since the Doc Martens we got a few years ago...I want to find some more of those, in fact.
They made me almost-horny.
Anyway, this is just further proof that I am a lazy, semi-shitty mother.
Oh well.
At least they're smart boys, so I won't handicap them too much.

Me, I just need some shoes and to go get my hair dyed, and I'll be ready to rumble.
Oh...I guess I ought to go get my books, too.
Our school bookstore has a cool little setup so I can buy them on-line and just go pick them up at the bookstore in a special, short line.
Which is not special in the same way as the short bus, fyi.
I looked up my classes on the campus map and it would appear that they are spread out all over campus.
So, tomorrow is the day that I will go to campus and get books and figure out which parking lot I want to use, and maybe if I have time and/or get really anal, I will time myself to see how long it takes me to walk between buildings.
I said, "maybe"!!!
...shut up.

So I'm off to eat a yummy turkey sandwich, and go to the gym and make about 43 phone calls.
Hope you're having a good day, and yes, DG, I may actually post that hot shirt tomorrow!

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