Thursday, August 03, 2006

Is this thing on?

Ok, here’s the thing:
(and we’re taking a break from my vacation for just a moment, so hold on)
our president should not be allowed on television.
I would like to think he’s not as big of a FUCKING MORON as he appears to be,
Or at least I would like to think that there is a really good reason that his “people” aren’t keeping him from looking like such a FUCKING MORON.
One theory is this: most Americans can relate to a moron better than a Yale graduate, so his PR people are playing up the bumbling idiot side of things.
I know…
It’s a stretch—like pilates for the rings around Saturn—but it could be!
That’s just what happens when I watch The Daily Show.

So today we went to the mountains and rode 4 wheelers (ATVs) and got all muddy and saw some amazing scenery.
We got back late this afternoon and were ready for some low
We fit in some good, quality adult interaction and a bit of a nap.
Then we ordered room service and have been in bed ever since.
In the morning, we are going on a snorkel adventure.
Oh…I forgot the story of the day from Monday.
We got boogie boards and spent some time chasing waves.
It was mostly really fun, but after a couple of hours, I got stuck.
I was tired and ready to head in to shore and I couldn’t do it.
I actually got sea sick…
And I couldn’t maneuver the stupid ass board to shore.
I  know…it probably sounds pretty lame.
I’m a decent swimmer, I am.
But I am not accustomed to the whole board thing—
And my arms are too short to paddle, so I was trying to lie on the thing and just kick.
Somehow, the waves were not washing me into shore.
Either that or I was waaay further out than I thought I was.
At one point I landed in the middle of a bunch of surfers.
They weren’t terribly impressed.
They weren’t locals, though, so I didn’t care.
I did start getting a little freaked out when I was about to puke and felt stranded and then I saw SOMETHING in the water—you know my brain had to make it a shark, but it was probably a rock or some fucking seaweed…
Just in the nick of time, mr. husband appeared out of nowhere.
He told me to try just swimming while holding the leash of my boogie board.
That worked better, but it still took
I’m such a fucking loser.
Oh well.
It was really fun and I love little slices of drama.

I’m sure I have better stories, but I can’t focus right now.

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