Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Fantasy Friday Returns!

...and this time it's personal.

I was just driving along, and as I sat at one of a thousand red lights,
my thoughts wandered your way.
My eyes glazed over as I stared out the window, with images of you in
the way of all else.
I was picturing your face and saying over and over in my mind how sexy
I find you...
I was repeating those words to myself and growing wetter, there in
afternoon traffic.
I thought of what it would be like to be standing next to you, in
high, high heels, in a sheer and sexy dress--nothing underneath,
nipples poking hard
through thin fabric, being teased by it as much as by your presence.
You in leather.
Standing so close...
under an umbrella, maybe, or the edge of a roof, rain ripping through
the air around us.
My eyes almost closed as I sought to make these images more clear,
but the light turned green,
and I drove on.
One hand on the wheel...
one naughty little hand sliding up my naughty little shorts,
my breath coming fast as I thought of your shoulders, your back, your neck--
your eyes.
Your eyes,
piercing mine as surely as your tongue will breach my lips.
Your eyes,
wandering across my skin as surely as your fingers stroke my inner thigh,
Your eyes,
looking through the first layers of me, probing deeply, as surely as
your fingers probe the slick folds of me.
I thought a lot about your eyes.
I imagined how the first kiss would feel, that shivery, shakey anticipation--
and the fire it would unleash inside us both.
The whimpers and snarls as we fought to be closer, battling to become
each others' skin.
panting and pulsing, needing....
fuck, man!
I am dripping wet--
I guess....
I'll have to...
I'll slide in two fingers while I close my eyes and stare into yours.
I'll slide them out, while I open my mouth and tilt back my head.
I'll press them back in--deeper--while I feel your body pressing against mine.
I'll slowly pull them out while I offer them to you...a taste?
I'll add a third finger and wish it was you.
I'll rub my palm against my clit with each inward thrust....
and keep telling myself your teeth will be grazing my neck
I'll moan out your name and try to slow down.
I'll breathe out your name and grope my own breasts.
I'll shout out your name and take myself....home........

Happy Tuesday boys and girls!
(almost as good as braless, right? *wink*)

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