Thursday, August 10, 2006

Maybe the problem isn't me at all...

maybe it's you.
haaa....that was a bit of a joke.
Sort of a private joke--
between me, myself, and I.
A pretty hot three-way, if I do say so.

Ok, so I just deleted the saddest piece of shit I've ever posted here.
Well, that's a bit of an overstatement--
I post sad shit all the time, so who can really be bothered to rank each post??
But you get the idea.
I took it down because it was bringing me down.
And when those one guys from the 70s use their progressive rock vibes to beg you not to bring them down, it's hard to rationalize doing so in spite of their sexiness.
Who the fuck sings that song anyway?
And would the reference have been even a small percentage cooler if I had thrown in the band name rather than just a vague description?
...didn't think so.

The point is, how can I be expected to be down in the dumps when,
a. hubby brought home Rumbi,
b. I got no less than TWO emails from Mizz Pitt herself, and
3. the stars at night are big and bright, even here in friggin Utah?

That's right, mother fuckers, I can't be.
So I won't be. can't make me...? (or something)

I am not currently on speaking terms with Janis Joplin right now.
Freedom is NOT just another word for nothing left to lose.
It's not.
She's just plain wrong.
So that's why I'm avoiding her.
That, and the fact that she's a smidge on the un-alive side.
But mostly it's the disagreement.

I think summer vacation lasts way too long.
I think my kids are more ready for school to start than I am.
I think it's cool to find out you're hotter than...someone you've never met, but feel an intense sense of competiveness with.
(fuuuuuuuuuuck. I just ended my sentence with a preposition...but that reminds me of two things: one, Zach Braff is back to regular blogging and you should check out his words, and two, um...oh yes, he recommended Talladega Nights, which reminded me that I might not have bothered to do so as yet. If not, consider it recommended; if so, consider it rerecommended...and add another word to the list of words I've made up)

Had a great workout today.
Am looking forward to getting into a good routine when our respective schools start.
Love starting sentences with a verb.
Wondering if it's as unpleasant as ending with a preposition...

Oh, for the record, the "hotter than" comment above is in reference to someone who is connected to me in real life, not on the internet, so don't go getting all, "god, she's cocky. And she is NOT hotter than me!" on me.

If this reads like I'm on speed, I apologize.
AND you can kiss my ass.
I figure that keeps the balance in my universe...

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