Thursday, August 24, 2006

Cro-Magnon Blogging

In which I transpose penned words from lulls in my non-computerized day.

Class is not starting yet.
Too many girls.
That guy looks familiar.
That girl is part of the play for which I need to garner interviews for my preview piece.
--wow, that last sentence was---
awkward, at best.
Coherant, in its wildest, steamiest, most technicolorful dreams!

(and then a man introduced himself as "Not Professor Whatever-the-fuck"...can't remember his name. Anyway, he said our professor was doing a triathalon today and would be with us next time. He then instructed us to go to the department website and take a test to see if we can handle the class...GULP. I don't like the sound of that. Astrology--I wish! Physics is so totally not my bag, baby.)

And now I'm on to English.
A couple of familiar faces...
One straight out of a fantasy
And another straight out of--
my last English class.
I am shiny.
Want to blot my face.
Ok, not so pretty as "shiny" implies--
red-faced and sweat
something to wipe my face.
Hands won't do.
Too tank-y.
Strike the adjective-maker.
And the "too".
It IS a tank.
Ah, now I'm cooling off.
So many people who know each other...
This classroom has been double-booked.
My first class only lasted 63 seconds.
Ok, possibly it was more like 64.
That's my absolute highest limit.
And now we're taking roll.
I'm mostly amazed at how many people go by completely unrelated names to the ones on the roll (role).
But hey.
Perogatives, etc.

Ok, that's the end of my notebook ramblings.
I started writing the review for a restaurant I haven't visited yet...
but I read about it, and I'm sure this will reflect my reaction!!
Shut it.
I also scored an interview with the theatre student I overheard, in my first class.
See, as you may recall, the class was rather rudely...
So as we were all packing our things, I asked her about the play and told her who I was.
She confirmed that she is in the play and was somewhere between willing and enthusiastic to give me an interview.
I explained that I wasn't really prepared for it, so I would rather schedule a future date, but then we just went for it anyway.
I got her number, in case I have follow-up questions, and I got the number of the lead actress so I can get an interview with her.
Oh, my editor will be so proud!!
I saw him right after that, but he was talking to someone so I didn't want to bother him.
Oh, the theatre student wanted to know if we needed more writers, too.
I would kind of like her help with this whole preview business, I mean, what the fuck do I know about theatre???
Nothing, that's what.
She wrote for her high school paper, and loved it, so it's not really a stretch.


Happy first day of class to me.

I'll let you know how that test goes...
I just discovered that my Independent Study History class that I "started" last January and is due in precisely 6 weeks (with 5 assignments, each due no closer than 7 day intervals...) is missnig half of the textbook.
They sent it to me and I never looked that closely, butthey only sent volume 2 and the assignments start with volume 1.
Fuck me.
Time to get that extension.
And remind me to NEVER do Independent Study again. :)


I am speechless.
(no, that's not the announcement, although it's pretty big news, I know.)
There are no words to describe the way this makes me feel.
I just.
Poor Pluto!!!

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