Saturday, February 08, 2003

I'm a free woman for the weekend. Husband got whisked off on an emergency golf, i mean business trip to sunny california. damn him. I feel like a teenager whose parents are out of town, though, you know? I want to throw a keager or something...did i just say throw a keager??? what the hell. I'll have to do something crazy just cuz i can. like leave the dishes undone...or not cook dinner. I know--i'm a one woman party. woo-hoo.

I am in such a classic rock mood this week. My two favorite styles of music are classic rock and really heavy or alternative rock, but i love most music if it's good...good to me means the lyrics kick me in the gut and invade my feels like some songs were written for me or about me and i just absorb them into myself and they are mine. It's pretty wild. My friend Jeannie has a similar mind-blowing connection to music, so i know i'm not alone. anyway, i've listened to the Rolling Stone's Wild Horses like 476 times this week, because it's so beautiful. And the song i've been singing to my kids at bedtime for the past 2 weeks is Pink Floyd's Wish you were here. that song KILLS me! the line, "and did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage," just gets me. I freaking love it. and there aren't many lyrics to remember, so it's easy to sing alone. The boys LOVE it, though. Next on my playlist is neil young, heart of gold. i don't like very many neil young songs, in fact that's about it. Now we're on to Jimi Hendrix, Hey Joe. what a great song...besides the whole murder aspect of it...with him it's not always the lyrics that cement my love of a song, i guess it's the overall power of the song...ahhhhh...Next will be a string of my favorite Zepellin tunes. I swear i was born in the wrong decade sometimes!! Or maybe i'm Janis Joplin reincarnated or something...i feel such a connection to the era in which i was born--like i should have been a teenager already by the time my parents met. Oh well, i'll settle for all the amazing technology of our era and the groovy music of another to soothe my time-warped soul.
Okay, time for a bathroom break and then on to my new project, which i will post a link to as soon as it's ready.

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