Friday, February 07, 2003

I'm lovin' that story i wrote last time. I'll even finish it someday...i have a fun new project to work on for the moment, though. So why am I here, procrastinating, when i should be wroking on my new project??? The other story i wrote is on december 21st, so check it out. I'll post more soon. For anyone who's new to this, a Blog is just a web journal, and you read it from the bottom up, basically, but i guess that's not so hard to figure out, since the entries are dated....and if you click on the blogger button to the left of this, you can go to the main page and check out other people's journals. many of them are much more interesting than mine--they have pictures and cool graphics, and frankly, more devoted writers than I am...I have 2 two year olds and i'm trying to write a novel, what do you want from me????

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