Sunday, January 19, 2003

My husband wanted to watch football all day today, and since I was less than thrilled by that prospect, he offered to keep the kids so I could go do something. This way, he could lay around watching football, without me giving him the evil eye, and I could go away and come back refreshed. It was a lovely day--I had breakfast and worked on my book, then i did a little shopping, then i attempted to go for a hike, but the trail was snowed over and looked slippery, then i went to a movie with my friend/sister in law. It was, overall, a lovely break. when i got home the boys were dressed nicely, and had eaten and the house was mostly picked up. However, my husband seems to have a problem with garbage...he doesn't seem to be able to put it where it goes: he throws empty paper or plastic wrappers in the sink (for the disposal??) and leaves banana peels and apple cores on the counter and don't get me started on his vehicle--filled to the brim with the remains of many a fast food meal and drink...This seems to be his one remaining flaw, so i guess i shouldn't be too picky. he's great, but it drives me absolutely insane that he doesn't put trash where it goes. Oh well.

Looks like southwest is having their cheap airfare deal...i could go to Maine (manchester NH) for about $250, but that's not such a great price. I always get tempted by cheap airfare, but i don't know. Maine in February???? I am definitely not a sane person, but I have some sense...

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