Friday, December 27, 2002

I have certainly not been keeping up with this, but i'm writing a novel right now, and that takes some time. did you like that little creative exercise last post?
So Christmas is over--thank the lord! I have a bit of a bah-humbug husband, so it's sort of a relief when it's all over. Looking forward to new year's eve, though. going to a border town, nevada--not quite Vegas, but should be pretty fun.
damn but Maine is cold...every time I think of it, I am glad for one brief moment that I live here, but then I remember where I am and the moment passes. I'd settle for year round winter in Maine, if I could only be there. Well...maybe not. Summers, as brief as they are, make it all worth it.
I need to start looking for an agent to sell my book for me. I think it's good. Much better than that stupid thing i wrote last week. i was just testing out an idea--using this blog to write fantasies. I may continue with that idea, at leat on occassion, but for now, no. I love writing to hear myself type.

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