Saturday, May 18, 2013


And my brain already feels like it might just regain its normal functionality....
I think the amount of stress I was under, due to the way the semester started for me, has been gouging holes in my gray matter, and severing neurons left and right.
I was afraid that I would lose my grip entirely if I let myself relax...
Here comes summer!!!
Two weeks to myself, then the kids are out of school, too, and a week later we pile into the swanky new minivan and drive to MAINE for the younger stepson's graduation! Spend a couple of weeks of wild family fun, then send everyone else away and play for 2 more weeks with my friends, so I can hit my 20th high school reunion (how'd that happen??) and then drive back to Iowa for a couple of days, and on to Utah to visit family and friends for a couple of weeks before reclaiming my boys from their month with Dad. Whew! It's gonna be a helluva good time, I can tell already!!!!
Ok, enough rambling.

Not sure why I even post's like tossing a message in a bottle into the ocean...

I have some goals.
For me:
1. exercise
2. meditate
3. write
--every day