Saturday, July 17, 2010

Heat is not my friend

I prefer a cold, rainy day
or a snowy day
any day
over this heavy, humid heat.
Could it be worse?
Do some places get hotter than this for a very long time?
But guess what?
There are only like, THREE frigging air conditioners in the entire state of Maine.
Some days I have to sit on a dock, with the sun reflecting up off the water and under my not-as-shady-as-it-could-be umbrella.
On a hard bench, with crap poking me in the shoulder blades.
And on the days that I'm not out there, I am in a stuffy little shop, with one small fan and no cross breeze.
Waaaaah, poor me.
But fer chrissakes!!
It's torture.
And I am waaaay too old for this shit.
And I need to complain somewhere, so this is the place.
My apologies if you're reading this.
Perhaps it would help if my body wasn't staging a revolt against me, and would start doing its job.
Don't worry, I'm not going to go into detail, but let's just say...some of my organs aren't really up to par and it makes me dehydrate easily AND gives me nausea.
Maybe I can transplant my brain (and my rack) to a brand new body.
Something with stamina, and skin that tans instead of burns...
Oooo, I'll keep my hair, too.

I guess I shouldn't blog grumpy.
Oh, time to go get some work done...
(that means I have to step away from my fan and run to the dock, climb down into the ship, and run back...upload some pictures, then run back to the dock and run back to the store....that's an awful lot of quick movements for girl like me on a day like this.)