Saturday, June 13, 2009

Home Sweet Home

After a year, I am still happy that I chose to move home!
In fact, I feel more at peace than I have in many years. I love it here.
The other day, I saw one of my good friends walking along a main street of our Town (as in, "I'm going to town, do you need anything?" because...yes...this is country livin'!) and I stopped and chatted a bit and it was SO FREAKING COOL!
It's an adjustment, though, to be in a place again where everyone knows everyone.
Going to the store in my pajamas used to be acceptable, because, hey--no one'll ever see me again!
Buuuut...that's not exactly the case here, is it?
I love it, though.

A few days ago, I ran into my "first" at the toy store.
Haven't seen him in 13 years, haven't thought about him in...12 years and 11 and a half months.
Or so.
Poor fella.
(We dated all summer and were technically still "together" for the whole next school year while each of us returned to our respective universities, but that was just sort of a convenient way for me to explain my lack of dating while at school...god, I hated BYU!!!!!)
Anyway, it was nice to see him.
He was shopping with his super cute daughter and he looked like he was happy.
My Love was with me and I introduced them, asked fewer "what have you been up to" questions than I wanted answered, and we parted.
I felt oddly nervous and simultaneously oddly detached.
So then this morning when Love got home from work, he said, "So...wanna know yet another way in which we are connected?"
He went on to tell me that the aforementioned dude's name had sounded familiar and that last night while working the face attached to that name appeared in his head.
A teenaged face.
The face of an old girlfriend's younger brother!!!
We compared impressions of their parents and her smoking (bad breath) and his tobacco chewing (ew) and how we both felt like they were not our type at the time.
It was kiiiinda hilarious.
We lay in bed, faces inches apart, giggling.

...and have I mentioned yet today how completely, entirely, mind-blowingly in love I am with this fella???
We're pretty damn happy.
And I am grateful to all the gods that be, for that.
The gods and Mary.
No...not the Virgin--ha!
She's no virgin!
But she introduced us, she was the gateway.
And that dear little schmoo is planting and harvesting and sharing flowers from her garden to deck the fuck out of our wedding!
I'm going to have to thank her in a big way for contributing the flowers, the groom...
ya know, a couple of the more important ingredients in a good wedding.

I am SO excited for our wedding!!
Now...gods of generosity, could I ask one more favor?
Take away the extra weight I'm luggin' around.
I don't need it anymore!
That's right, universe, you can have it back.
Thanks for letting me borrow it--it came in real handy in surviving the tough winter and setting up a new home, and whatnot, but I'm all set.
Thanks bunches!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Ok, so I have this friend, and I'm not giving any hints cuz she wants to remain anonymous (at least for now), but she is a frigging GENIOUS!!!!
She started a website, with a big dream and I would love nothing more than to see her succeed.
For just one dollar you could help her reach an amazing and beautiful goal. Check it out:
The Internet Begging Experiment
(She taught me how to write html tags, and I just used one!! Oops, that was a hint. But I can't imagine anyone here knows her. Dammit, that was another hint!! I'm shutting up now...)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Today was strange...

I woke up heavily, groggily
and spent ten minutes getting my kids dressed and out the door,
then grabbed an armful of cook books
and got back in bed with the intention of browsing them for new recipes.
(my repertoire could use a little spice-up!)
Which reminds me--
I have this paranoia that has developed recently that women who cook with great variety also...are endlessly creative in the bedroom.
I wonder about that sometimes.
I have, at times, considered myself to be...ahem...highly adventurous and generally terrific in bed.
But I still wonder.
Because I'm often quite stale in the kitchen.
Buuuuut....that's because I like to cook things I don't have to think about or prepare for--because I'm spontaneous and unpredictable.
Which goes over well in the bedroom (or the bathroom, or the walk-in closet...that one is convenient for weekend afternoons...).
Wow, I got sooooooo sidetracked!!
Ok, so this morning I climbed back in bed.
And I placed those books on His side of the bed and I snuggled back in and considered
for just a brief moment.
And 3 hours later, after sad, unsettling dreams,
I woke, peed, and got back in bed.
I was still so tired...
so I slept again, and dreamed nicer things.
I woke up for good at 12:30.
I must be fighting off a cold or something because I never sleep that long.
I fell asleep last night at 10, and I usually get up with my kids at 7:30 and stay up all day.
Very bizarre.

So.........yeah. That's the story of today.
Oh, also, I took the kids on a short bike ride.

Hooray for bikes!!

Something smells really nasty.

I'm still kinda foggy.
So I think I'll go to bed.

It smells like gasoline and feet.