Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pearl Jam in Boston

I knw you can't see a thing in the picture
Here I am!
Getting a contact high and groping my True Love

Eddie Vedder is
Also, these guys know how to play th'rock music.
Hell yes.

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Life is exquisite

I found him!
I know, I know, you're probably getting sick of hearing it.
But tough shit,
Cuz I am nowhere near done swooning over this perfection.
This man is so gentle and so full of love and goodness and patience???
He's got patience IN SPADES!!!!
Oh and also, check out Frisky Dingo on itunes.
It will be worth your time.
It's a cartoon from Adult Swim and we can't stop quoting it...

So last night my kids stayed home with grampa so we could catch up
with a variety of old friends and jam out to an amazing band.
And my hormones are behaving again...
(Don't ask.)
And my sweet little boys are here!!!!!!!!
And life is just truly exquisite.
I wasn't kidding.
Nor was I exaggerating.
Blissful as hell, so to speak...hehehe...
Blissful as heaven, more like. Wink.

Oh, also, I may have permantly injured myself from headbanging last night.
And I will go see the same band again if given the chance!!!!

Happy Summer Solstice, loves!

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Saturday, June 14, 2008


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On the road again

It's been a high mileage week but thank the gods of oil they've mostly
been on the bike and today's run is on a school bus full of middle
It is kinda weird to be on a bus, but we're headed for Fun Town
(Which can be taken both literally and figuratively) so it's well
worth the bumpy ride and crappy seats.
Or it WOULD be...if I didn't habe to pee so bad!
Damn and curse my bladder.

It's so great to be in Maine.

We took the bike down to Portland (60 miles but 1.5 hours) to have
dinner with a friend and then we decided to stay the night in
We used the blackberry LiveSearch feature to find a B&B.
It was comfortable and lovely but I had heartburn and didn't have my
trusty Tums so I didn't really sleep well.
And then I woke up with either a stomache flu or the demon responsible
for the heartburn rearing its ugly head.
Still managed to enjoy my blueberry pancakes and the long, slow ride
back up the coast.
We detoured at Damariscotta and swept over to Pemaquid Point Lighthouse.
(Will add pix later)
Got home and slept off the stomache malady while my baby cooked dinner
for the kids and my Dad.
My mom works at the State Park during the summer but there are always
a few weeks that overlap before school gets out where she is working
two full time jobs so my Dad is on his own.
That is just the type of thing I'm looking forward to if I live here!
So we had a delicious dinner and played a fun board game and went to bed early.
Life is so far beyond good.

The best part?
My kids will be getting on that airplane on Monday and we will all be together!
Not to mention my darling, amazing, life-saving (in every way) friend
will be arriving with them.
We will have a marvelous summer.

I have been trying to leave comments but haloscan seems to be
incompatible with my blackberry...chink in armor...sniff...

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Beauty is in the eye of the key-holder...

He's perfect, they said.
He's perfect , I said.
In so many ways and
so perfect for me.

He's perfect, I said
with a smile thin as crepe.

I'm not, I whispered in the dark of the night.
I'm not, I feared to the listening walls.

And we all know the fate of the god-loving mortal
And we all know that they are a whole 'nother species

So I searched for his faults and I tallied them up,
and then I felt better...but just for a bit
because, why would I want to date someone so flawed...?


Just a little poem that came to me as I dried off from my morning shower.
It made us giggle.
I read it to him and we agreed that it would be a silly thing to read during the toasting portion of our wedding.
That we'll have on 10-10-10, for anyone interested in coming.


There is so much to say.....
but I'll start with the motorcycle stories.
A couple of nights ago it was the end of a hot day, begun with a long walk/jog across these winding roads--
which reminds me of the poem that came to me while riding the next day,
but I'll get to that in a minute.
And now I've ruined the surprise because in the next part of the story you will be given the chance to wonder if I survived my first ride...
(ok, so it's hardly a surprise that I did; I AM writing this, aren't I?? ...unless it's my ghost...woooooooo....ooooo....ha.)

So the night was warm and thickly dark around us,
so much humidity that fog was imminent and was felt before it was seen.
The bike purred, a crotch rocket engine with a more upright-riding position...don't ask me what type it was; it's a Bandit, that's all I know.
So we geared up--
helmet fittings and jacket try-ons.
I scored a snug helmet and the use of his best (armored) jacket.
I giggled with glee to be clinging to the back of my Truest Love aboard a machine that is my truest love.
I wrapped my arms around him, legs pressed close around his hips.
The first ten seconds were coooool, man.
And then he opened up the throttle like a drunk opens a bottle of whiskey on his way out of jail.
We found the spot on the speedometer with a 1, 2, and 0 next to it.
I hardly had time to notice the silly numbers
I was so focused on winning the wrestling match with the wind.
The wind, tearing me from my love.
The wind, ripping angrily at me, possessively--
this bike, this man...they are mine.
My tiny fingers dug holes in the leather of his jacket and every muscle in my body yearned to be one with the body in front of me.
He did that several other times on our 20 mile run.
By the end I was whimpering, shaking.
Ok, by the beginning I was whimpering, "No, no, no..."
And I know it's silly, but I found myself praying to my motorcycle-slain bro-in-law to save me.
Apparently he did.
We got off the bike and all I could think was, "If I tell him how scared I was he won't think I'm cool, he won't want to take me for more rides."
But, ya know.
He's my True Love and that means he only needed one look at my face and he held me and promised not to go so fast with me on back ever again.
The sweet Boy Next Door in him said in a shrugging way, "Yeah, that was more for me than you anyway."

So yesterday we needed to go return a camera to his friend out in the boondocks
(and that's saying a LOT because this is Maine...everything is sort of boondocky, even the state capital) and he suggested we take the bike.
After requesting his promise not to try to kill me again, we geared up and set off.
Of my life.
(this week, so far)
Seriously, it was gorgeous.
And he didn't fly off in record time again, although we did technically go "too" fast at times.
Any bikers out there may not be surprised to hear me say it was like meditation.
Head clearing, mind soothing.
It was beautiful.
A gorgeous day, my love wrapped up in my limbs.
The friend's house had a wide, clear pond and I wandered over to it.
There were giant tadpoles and teensy tadpoles

and luscious green frogs, sparkling and pulsing in the sunshine.

As we wended our way through the undulating hills of inland Maine
(so sturdy in its marked lack of lace-like inlets, tidal rivers, and rocky beaches)
we both drank in the sights.
Meadows and green, hilly vistas!
There were some men sawing through trees
and the smell reached me on delay as we sped past--
pine and raw, still-breathing wood!!
I shudder in delight just remembering it!
There were lakes and ponds and rivers and hardly any cars.
It was inland, after all.
Tiny little General Stores and the man stroking smoothly through that lake across the street.
Ramshackle barns against horizons of green rolling meadows,
blue sky licking down between the cleavage of gentle hills.
Nature's Masterpiece, I tell ya!
And then we roared into the parking lot at the Harley shop and my panties REALLY got wet!
Walking reverently through the showroom,
a finger trailing over a smooth leather seat,
a cheek pressed lovingly to the cold gas tank
as I bend toward the handlbars.
The "Small World"ness of this place gave me a smile as we chatted with another biker who heard where we lived and tossed out a name and I bit--
my friend's friend! And he knew my friend, too; I knew he would because they all ride together.
Then off to lunch (I was growing lightheaded, so I tore myself away) and
on to the Suzuki showroom.
They also had a bunch of used bikes of other brands--
a fucking GREAT 2007 Honda Shadow for way less green than I would have thought...
and even a Harley for less than I expected but Honey says it's too whimpy and that they are overpriced.
I am JONESING to a. be back out there riding and b. learn to DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

A beautiful day, then home for a shower and into summer clothes for an evening on a docked schooner, a Chamber of Commerce networking opportunity for some, a gorgeous end to the day for all:

Ok, I'm off to pick up some groceries for this Bachelor Pad Extraordinaire.
Sweet One will have a phone interview for a job and then we will head down to Portland for dinner with a comedian friend of mine and apres drinks with a high school friend.

Here is the aforementioned Poem From the Road:

There are no straight lines in Maine--
except the trunks of the mighty pine forests.
The rock walls are tired, having given in to gravity.
The roads wind and wiggle, bend and sway,
dancing their way through the countryside.
The towns are a clumsy handful, a jumbled arrangement of odd-shaped stones
(like the ones lining the narrow beach of Crockett's Cove).
The horizon is jagged, encroached on by pines.
And the shoreline is ever-surging inland--
the ocean taking shark bites out of the landscape.
I just left the land of straight lines
and linear, inside-the-box thinking--
rules and restrictions,
of new construction is the only home to buy,
and towns lined up neatly along the freeway like polished little school children on picture day.
Straight lines do not exist in Maine.
And that feels just right.

Monday, June 09, 2008

My Beach!

Owl's Head Maine
Wish you were all here!
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We made it home today in record time--
Which sorta blows my mind, considering we spent all evening in NYC traffic.
But here we are.
Home, home, home.

Today was the best day of the trip because it was the Last!
We had a really great time, but it's kinda brutal to drive that many
hours and miles under the best of circumstances and, frankly, there's
a hell of a lot of stress churning through my life at this particular

I got word from my awesome SIL that my kitty had her babies tonight--
She had 5!
So much for my,"It's her first litter so it'll be small" rationale.

Ok. My love has finished brushing his teeth. So that means good night to YOU!

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Friday, June 06, 2008

More mobility for your enjoyment

...Or for mine, more specifically!
This mobile blogging thing kinda rocks as hard as
As hard as...
Thinder rolling through a confined space.
Yeah, something like that.
Ms. Orange asked how I was doing this so I shall tell you.
There are 2 main ways with blogger.
First, you can look in settings and find your specific email address
(which you'll have to set up if you haven't already done so) and then
you just email posts in from your (my) handy dandy Blackberry Curve.
Another way is that you can send a text or email from most any phone
to and then log in to your blogger blog for
instructions on how to proceed.
I'm sure that was fascinating.
I hope it answered the question.

It is very muggy here in Maryland and it makes my curly hair as kinky
as my bedroom hit list!
Actually, I'm pretty average these days but that's the way I like it.
My dance partner rocks my socks off when he gets my rocks off (ha!)
But I don't feel like I'm in vixen mode at all.
We are so connected...and it's just really nice to not feel like I am
valued only for my Skillz.
Of which I have many.
So I've heard.

That was quite a tangent.
The point is, it's hot and sticky in this place. I'm having fun but
look forward to getting to maine and especially to the arrival of my
I am tired.

Going to DC tomorrow to museum it up.
Two cutest nephews in the world.
I defy you to out cute these guys!
Oh, also--
Current status of me being right to boyfriend being right?


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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Bloggin' my way across the USA--

not exactly.
See, if I was actually blogging my way, I would have written something before NOW.
I am almost there.
But Sunday I left Utah and yesterday I arrived in Pittsburgh.
Tomorrow we'll jog over to Maryland and spend some time with my sister and her family,
and then we'll pop over to Upstate New York to see another friend of My Love's and then we'll get to his house by Tuesday at the latest (because he has a friend whose daughter is graduating high school and it is super important to him to be there).

I have been in a blogging frame of mind as we've driven these 30 hours,
but my new and faaaaabulous Blackberry is tied to a new blog because I'm toying with the idea of Starting Fresh, but as you all may have noticed, I have very little actual interest in leaving this blog.
I will have to rearrange things (if I can) so that I can mobile blog to this dot com.
Because may I just say...
this whole Blackberry thing rocks
I am glad I didn't have it a few years ago when I was hardcore addicted to blogging.
It would have been dangerous.
Having constant access to the web is fun and useful but not advised for people with a $500 a day blogging habit.
(ok, we all know blogging doesn't cost money, but I had to make it sound severe and drug-like...I think I did it.)

Alright, when last you saw our heroine, she was returning from the cruise and breathlessly awaiting the arrival of her Knight in Shining Armor.
And since I refuse to write this in third person, we are now switching back to first.
So he arrived on schedule and my cleavage and I met him at the bottom of the escalator and frankly we both nearly wept with relief.
It is just not Right for us to be apart.
It is as though the entire universe bends under the pressure of our separation.
The universe is rent as it attempts to wrap itself around the empty spaces we each should occupy until we finally do.
We hugged and hugged and drank each other in and finally
the darkness of our parting had been dissipated by the light of our reunion., that was cheesy.
Sorry, that's just how it was.

So we spent the next few days wallowing in the happiness of being together again and playing with my kids and almost preparing for the drive.
Then on Saturday morning we took the kids to my FAVORITE hike in northern utah.
Actually, the kids and I took Him--
they have been to the hot springs with me 3 times now.
And on our last visit, a few weeks ago, we crossed this bridge riddled with declarations of love and other such carved graffiti and I thought, “Hm. I wish I had something sharp.”
As we walked along, there on the path was a pair of tweezers.
I pocketed those fuckers and on the way back I left a message for my love--
Lisa (heart)s Michael 4Ever
He loved it.
The hike was beautiful and the kids were happy and chatty,
floating easily back and forth between the two of us.
The hot springs were swarmed with parents and young children,
which was completely out of the ordinary.
And when we returned from the hike it was time to throw everything in the car and go to the awesome park and have a picnic dinner with my brothers and their families.
This was the first time most of them had met him and it went spectacularly.
They all really liked him and he, days later, is still talking about how incredible they are.
Dream come true.

So, after the dinner we took the kids to their dad's house and dropped them off then went home and CRASHED.
We are not as young as we used to be.

So then on Sunday we were going to throw the stuff in the car and be out of there by noon.
I have a pregnant kitty who needed to be delivered to my brother's house because his animal loving wife had volunteered to keep her for the summer.
But I started feeling guilty about leaving her so we wasted a good couple of hours buying a carrier and special litter box and arranging the car around her stuff only to realize we were foolish to attempt a week-long road trip with a pregnant cat.
we left at 4pm.
And did not make very much progress that first day.
I think we got to...
Ogalalla, Nebraska.
About 3am.
Got a few hours of sleep and hit the road again.
It was a few hours into that next day of driving that we discovered that the luggage rack on top was killing our gas economy, just as we had predicted.
we were in the middle of cornfield nowhere and had only 30 miles left til an empty tank.
We were probably within 5 miles of running out of gas when we found a place, on a hunch.
After we filled up I bought a couple of scratch tickets because, hey, they have them here!
(not in Utah—oh, and we also bought a few cool fireworks in Wyoming, cuz we don't have those in Utah either)/
My tickets were tiny winners
(as opposed to tiny weiners)
and I ended up with $10 more than I started with.
So that was cool.
Paid for 2.5 gallons of gas.
4 damn dollars a gallon.

We stopped to pee once because there was a sign...but then the gas station was deserted and had a "No Trespassing" sign on the gate across the entrance, so we obliged.
We still needed to pee and this place was across the street:

It looked like a welcoming place to pee...
and become infected with tetanus.

Ok, so then after almost 1000 miles without seeing a single law enforcement vehicle we saw one.
And then just a few more miles and I was going 81 in a 75 and the sweetest cop ever pulled me over and gave me just a warning.

We slept the second night (from 4-9 am) in a town called...Shipshewana (I think) in...Michigan?
And then rolled into Pittsburgh around 5pm yesterday.
We were immediately assaulted by the two cutest, most excited little girls I've seen this month.
Ha. But seriously, super cute and ridiculously excited.
My love happens to be their faaaavorite “uncle” and their Mom is in a Reserve unit that was activated 6 months ago or so and they were in severe need of some extra attention.
Their Dad is one of my love's closest friends from the Navy days.
And their brother is 18 months old and FREAKIN ADORABLE.
So we've had fun here and will be hitting the road in the morning.
More adorable children to see!
My nephews are so awesome; can't wait.
And my sister is making crab cakes—yummmm!

I think that brings us up to speed, only the problem with this whole “not blogging” thing is that there are tons of awesome little stories that I must leave out due to the ridiculous lengthiness of my post.

A few highlights:
A chain of gas stations through the central time zone
(whose ass we kicked, by the way—crossed that fucker in one day's driving. Huzzah!)
called, “Kum and Go”.
No lie.
Sounds like a bodily fluid extravaganza, no?

And then here in Pittsburgh there is a building called
the Frick Building....
I wonder what they do there?

Good lord.
I really need to be doing this every day again.
It feels sooooo good!

Hope you're all well.
I miss you.

pittsburgh is coooool

But I will blog properly from my computer. Just testing out the blackberry's blogging capabilities.