Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm neither here nor there--

as far as I can tell.

Got home late last night from The Cruise,
will be leaving Sunday for The Road Trip.

The cruise was great--
the kids behaved themselves amazingly well,
the food was good but I didn't gain a single pound,
and My True Love will be here, IN MY ARMS, in 6 hours!
How much better could life get???

So we left Wednesday night
(as soon as Idol announced the winner--and thank god the right David won, or that road trip woulda been depressing)
with the kids tucked into the way back with blankies and pillows and DVD player,
And M tucked into the backseat, surrounded by luggage and snacks, with Me taking the first leg of driving and S in the passenger seat.
We talked and talked and the kids were great and then we listened to this INCREDIBLE audio book about going with the flow of the universe and the roads were slick from rain and the night was heavily dark, but inside the car there was laughter, love, and light.
When S took over driving I dozed a bit and then we pulled over in the desert of California, somewhere near where Barstow would be if it was real (I'm pretty sure it's not).
We tried to sleep but the kids were too giggly so I drove us on into San Diego.
Our mapquested directions delivered us painlessly to the cruise ship port which,
much to the delight of the kids,
was docked RIGHT
an aircraft carrier!!!!
Not only that, but it was serving as a museum and they got to go through it!!!
the looks on their faces at the sight of that thing were absolutely priceless.
You'd think they had won the lottery.
They had, in their world.
It was friggin awesome.
So we had some breakfast and got on board the ship and we were all ridiculously overtired but excited.
The beds were deliciously comfortable and the cold, windy, cloudy day stayed outside while we all caught up on our sleep a bit.
We awoke to seasickness and scrambled to put little patches behind everyone's ears--
which were life savers, but didn't kick in until the next morning.
None of us had expected to be seasick so we didn't put them on ahead of time, but the ocean was rather rough and the boat was a smaller one than our experienced cruiser had been on so there ya go.
Anyway, the weather stayed cold the whole time, so we didn't ever go swimming, and all the sundresses and tank tops seemed a little out of place.
The kids didn't really take a cotton to the Kids Camp thingy, either, so we spent a lot of time watching movies in the cabin, but it was all fun, even if it wasn't quite what I expected.
And then.
We got off the boat and we were in
I have never been to Mexico.
Canada yes, but never Mexico.
(I have also been to France, but that is the extent of my world travel. heh)
We were assailed by all the many street vendors and the sun was shining and our sunscreen was patchily applied, so off we went!
We walked through the coolish-warmish (perfect) sunshine to the quietest spot on the beach and had a grand ole time!
S was courted quite relentlessly by a young man who promised to take her to Love Island...heh.
I found a tequila shop and bought a couple of bottles, as well as a large bottle of vanilla.
I have funnier stories, but sadly they are not available for public consumption.
The rest of the cruise was spent eating and napping and then we drove home.
The end.

I really thought I had more stories!!
But I just guess I don't.
For a cruise with kids, it would have been nice to have some sunshine.
For a cruise with cold raininess it would have been nice to have a lover.
Oh well.
Oh yeah!
I did call my love at one point--ten minutes for $76, and I must say it was worth every penny!!!
Yes, I'm nuts.
Also, we picked up a ton of duty-free alcohol, which is extra silly because none of us drinks very often.
So now we're set for the next year.
Or two.

On the drive home one of my boys asked me what the brown lunch bags were for.
I explained that I had brought them along so we could pack sandwiches from the ship for our shore excursion because we had been told to be wary of the local food/drink situation.
15 or 20 minutes later we stopped for gas and I went to the back to let the kids out and what did I find?
The entire contents of each of their backpacks arranged carefully into about 10 lunch bags!
It was the funniest thing I've ever seen.
They were VERY pleased with their work.

Let's see...what else?
I know we had lots of fun.
Oh yeah!!!!
I almost forgot the funniest part!
One afternoon one boy (O) was sleeping and the other boy (M) wanted to go with me to get some ice cream.
So, S joined us and we went for ice cream.
We were about to leave when we were accosted by a sheepish looking man.
He had a strange little proposition for us.
Apparently there were chicken fingers about to be set out at one end of the buffet, but they were only for the children (and as it turned out, they were only for children signed in to Kids Camp) and he was wondering if he could ask our son ("or nephew?" ..."Son.") to get him a plate full.
We laughed and agreed to this stealthy little manuever.
He insisted on giving my child $5 for his services, which I attempted to refuse, but M's eyes lit up and he took on the challenge like a PRO!
It turned out that we needed to sign him into the Kids Camp and then steal the plate from him and deliver it to the guy (and his boyfriend) who watched the whole thing with great amusement.
M felt so proud and so grown up.
When his brother woke and joined the game M very quickly offered to share the loot with him and I was so very proud.
Those boys are so kind to each other--when they're not asserting dominance and testosterone-emergence by smacking each other randomly with brute force or tattling on each other to the extreme.

It was a fun trip.
Not sure that cruising is my thing.
I have always suspected that I prefer the destination to be the journey, at least as far as cruises go.
I would rather fly to Mexico and spend 4 days on the beach than travel there by boat, I think.
Unless it was sunny and warm...
I got to go on a super fun vacation with my adorable kids and some great friends.
I shall not complain!!!

I'm GETTIN LAID, people!!
And even better than that, I'm getting hugged--
held tightly, and kissed softly.
I'm getting snuggled and adored and I can't wait!!!

Oh, there he is now, texting me...
au revoir, mes amies!
(don't know the spanish; back off)

P.S. I just remembered one of the other funny stories:
We pulled off the road somewhere in the desert so that we could attempt to sleep and I climbed in the way back with the kiddos and we all got settled in and then O said, "Hey Mom. If someone pulled over and looked in our car they would think there were a bunch of dead people in it!!"
And since he sounded so delighted the obvious response from me was, "Score!!"

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Morning Would

The roosters drew me to my window where I saw a pink and lavender sky,
smudgily covered with the pastels of a beginner art class.
I smile and remember aching for your first touch--
aching for your presence in my home, my bed.
I smile and prefer this dream to any cheap vision sleep could offer me.
...I love you.

What a lovely thought
Of visions and embracing.
Desire is a funny and wonderful thing
Something that can be felt
It has a physical component to it

My desire for you is an all consuming thing
It nourishes me
It fills me
It drives me
To you.

My desire for you is as vast as the ocean
but I wear it close, like a cloak--
lined with the satin of your love--
and I revel in the feel of it against my skin.


Those were my waking thoughts, sent to my love, and his reponse.
God bless the magical age of text messaging!!!!!

The kids and I (and two of my dearest girl friends) are heading out tomorrow night to drive to San Diego...
from which we will depart for a quick little 4 night cruise to Meh-hee-co!
I'm so friggin excited.
We found some super cheap tickets and just thought, what the hell, ya know?
I wanted to take the kids on a cool vacation for two purposes: to spend quality time together and to celebrate making it on our own.
They don't have to know about that second one. Hehe.

The day after we return from the cruise, my True Love will arrive and spend a few days with us before joining me for the drive to Maine--
It's something I've been wanting to do for, like, EVER and who better to do it with (heh-heh, i said "do it") than my best friend, true love?
And, just for anyone keeping score out there, or anyone wondering if I know what I'm talking about...well, I've certainly never dated anyone I could call a soul mate before.
Yes, I met him a bit sooner than I would have chosen--ink was barely dry on the divorce decree when our online flirtations took a serious turn.
Definitely not what I had in mind.
I figured a couple of years of dating adventures and THEN I would hope to find The One.
But I got lucky.
I got extraordinarly lucky.
And here he is.
A match for me in every conceivable way.
(did you just say "inconceivable"? I do not think that means what you think it means.)
life is grand.
He even lives in my hometown.
Where I've been yearning to move with an urgency to match my desire for a soul mate!
What could be a more perfect combination???
So, we'll drive across the great expanse of this gorgeous country of ours (at four markedly UNgorgeous dollars per gallon) and spend 2 months there with my boys (who will arrive by big ole jet airliner shortly after we do) and his boys and feel what it's like to be A FAMILY.
We are already each other's family.
We adore each other's kids and parents and friends.
He went to my parents' house OF HIS OWN VOLITION just to introduce himself!!!
Because he was jumping for joy at how friggin awesome their daughter is and couldn't stand to wait another moment to tell them so.
We will hang a hammock-for-two between those two giant trees next to the pond and we will snuggle there on sticky afternoons, listening to the buzz of the unknown insects and teasing each other until zippers fly and trees rock and
we are glad there are no neighbors.

Also, I plan to continue with college and continue with writing and I am the luckiest woman alive!

Happy Summer, All!!!
I do plan to chronicle my roadtrip here, but who knows...
Also, anyone living along I-70 who wants to meet me and/or let us sleep on your couch, email me.
notsoluckystar AT gmail DOT com