Saturday, April 27, 2013


Mayhaps, just possibly...we will move from winter into summer, but I'm still not holding my breath.
Weird year, eh?

School is going well, considering.
Winding down, which really means packed with lots of papers and tests and projects and
I feel a little bit overwhelmed, but then--
Summer vacation.
And lots of road

I believe in the texture that poems can bring to words,
but not really in poetry, not the way the literary world tries to force us to view it.
Just gimme words, gimme rhythm, yeah.

I feel like my brain--or really, my mind--needs a massage, and like, maybe some aromatherapy-bubblebathy situation as well.
Just, y'know, like....a real chill out.
Ok, here's my rant: all this faceobooky crap is distorting the precision of language.
Says the girl who just wrote "facebooky" and is about to complain that teenagers' use of letter repetition as emphasis is fucking up her ability to do the same. Only different. BETTER.
See, I like to use the device of adding extra vowels to draw out the word, like "chill"--above, I wanted to draw it out: "Chiiiiiiiiiill...." And I wanted you, the reader, to understand that I was saying it long and slow. However, these little scalawags do not pay attention at all and simply add extra letters in the hopes of adding general emphasis (I'm assuming). Like "I lovvvveeee  you." Ok, but I can't stop thinking the v's should be stuttered and making the e's long (by the way, I am generally opposed to using apostrophes for anything other than their PERFECT uses, BUT I read in a style manual that for things like single letters it dispels confusion to just use the apostrophe instead of the italics and s, like I was taught 843 years ago....

Wow! A rant AND a tangent!! Nice!
And I know I'm totally a hypocrite, because I am living proof that our language is evolving, and I do believe that that's what makes it a living language, but.......I just wish that everyone understood phonics a little better, maybe???

Ok. Well.
I suppose I should go to sleep now.
One more episode of  "Smash," and then lights out.