Friday, December 07, 2012

I was thinking I should write something, and now I am. 
Oh, the curse of the blank page!!!
 It’s so much easier when you’re writing to an immediate audience, don’t ya know.
So therefore, to market to market to buy a fat blog….

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I just turned on Bob Dylan.
Well, I can’t be sure…
It might just be a banana in his pocket.
Or a guitar pick??
But seriously…I was in the mood for some soothing tunes and harmonica
Or a dude and his guitar,

What happened to me?
When did I tumble from cool/edgy/sexy into frumpy/insecure/static?
Or maybe I was never quite as cool as I thought I was,
And also, it isn't the “when” that I should be pondering,
But the “how”.
How, how, how…?
It’s like I’m the yin to my own yang
I turned inside out or upside down, but not both, no…
It’s too symmetrical to have been both.
Where once I was surging with need,
Now I am sated, a fat cat smiling with canary feathers floating slowly down through a beam of sunlight as I bask in the warm afternoon sunlight through a bay window overlooking…well, the ocean, because that’s what would make me happy, but probably a cat wouldn't care, so that analogy has broken down.

I’m pretty sure Pandora just threw me some Johnny Cash…a duet?
Indeed! With June Carter…aw…
(“If I Were a Carpenter”)
I smile sweetly because I was dreaming of my Love,
and how his glorious heart has transformed me,
and then a couple started singing.
Back to my life ponderings, though…
Because I wasn’t done.
It is like I went from all sharp edges and intensity,
seeking, dreaming, needing, craving
Happy, satisfied, fulfilled—
So deeply and thoroughly that my motivation evaporated under the warming light of his love…hehe…cheesy, eh?
But I can’t help but feel a bit lost…
My identity was that woman, the one with a tattoo and a piercing and a sassy, sexy attitude.
The one who was driven to flash her best colors to every pair of eyes to wander across her refraction  hoping to attract The One.
And then she did…er, I did.
And that side of me, that version of me was replaced with a woman so intensely in love with The One that I transformed, oh my….like being bitten by a zombie or a vampire or werewolf or infested with brain bacteria that make me crave him...
I am now his acolyte.
I need to shake free of the haze 
that keeps me in this daze
And find a way…
To merge that kick-ass, fun, rebellious little chick
This happy, boring, lump.
It’s a puzzle I can’t solve just yet.
Because how do I find a new motivation??
I tend to let life drag me along, tumbling where it takes me.
Where to, next, Universe??
I want to continue to thrive with my True Love…I do not want to go back to that place…where I yearn and keen and claw my way through life,
But I’m just not used to being content.
It feels soooo nice…but it makes me complacent.
So how do I recapture some drive without losing what I have??
I guess I just need to remind myself that he and I will both be happier and even more thoroughly fulfilled if I feel sexy and alive/worthwhile again…
Because I am losing sight of that woman, that person I felt so sure I was.
And, of course, life is not a constant, life is undulating, ever-changing, tortuous in its path, so why do I find myself continually surprised by its dynamic nature?
Ah, well.
Here I am.
Wandering the pathways of my mind again…
Maybe I just need to do this more often.
Well, duh.
I've been saying that for years.
Have I been not blogging for as long as I've been blogging??
Wow…that makes me sad.
Not that I need to blog, per se, but that I don’t write on a regular basis anymore.
And maybe………..
Maybe I will, or maybe I’m chasing an unattainable dream.

Oooh, Neil Young, “Pocahontas.” Nice!

Oh. Duh.
The gym.
The answer is: THE GYM.
I smile, and relax a bit...

Stones, "Paint it Black"...yeah....
I will, dammit! I will paint that gym black!!!
Or my wardrobe...But not my hair.
I love black.
I guess I can't pull of black hair as a chubber.
And yes, I sure am one.
I have hidden within the security of a personalized fat suit for 3 years, 4?
And I am soooooo ready to unzip that fucker and step out of it!!!!!
(If only it were that easy, but oh yes, it really is, because I love a love a love the gym!)

Ok, well.


I want to be Toni Morrison.


Jennifer said...

I opened this old, other browser where your blog was bookmarked for easy paroozal from a bygone era and saw this recent post. Yay! You should self publish your work through Amazon eBooks. I will be doing this for Lilli. Get a collection of your stuff, compile it and offer it for free. about 50,000 will download it just because it's free. They will fall in love with your writing style and content. Offer the next batch of work for 99¢. Many of your first set of free fans will purchase and you can expect $15-$20K. I have two writer friends who are doing this and supplementing their income nicely. It is not an unattainable dream. In this digital age of self publishing possibilities it is a rapid reality. Just your reposting of the birth of O and M hooked me again. Get to work, old cyber friend. I want to read the books! Go to LegalZoom, set up your publishing company and git all sexy and writery while going to the gym. I'll help you set up your business if you will help me properly edit Lilli's work. :)

Bored Housewife said...

What a lovely plan, Jennifer! I would be thrilled to edit Lilli's work (because then I would get to READ it!), and I would be humbled and grateful to have some help with the business set-up!!! I shall facebook you with more thoughts...

Dick said...

Lisa, so nice to see that you are still writing your blog, even if only occasionally. I am not doing much with mine either as the original reason I started it no longer fits. I guess I am just leading a mundane life although it is a lot better with Pat in it that it was when I started the blog in December 2005.

I've bookmarked your blog again and will check back occasionally. Jennifer had a good idea for you- think about it. Your writing is a fun read.

Bored Housewife said...
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Bored Housewife said...

Crap, I accidentally removed my comment--I was just trying to edit it! It's nice to "see" you, Dick! Glad to hear you're doing well! I intend to take Jen's advice...thanks! :)