Thursday, May 27, 2010

Through the rabbit hole, I fell...

And here I stand.
In my own Wonder(ful) Land.
My feet are propped on the sewing machine under my desk, and I can glance over my right shoulder to the tall, cool drink a' water I am blessed to be married to.
His eyes twinkle and his face just makes me happy.
Just seeing his face, smiling at me?
Melts any other mood away from me like a torch to a film of frost on a fall morning.
I can't stop stealing glances, actually.
What euphoria, what dreamy bliss I feel when I am reminded that my soul is entwined with his and that he loves me the way that I craved to be loved...and that I love him back with all the force that was welling up inside me for so many years.

This is why I don't blog much anymore......
what a sap!
What a cheese ball!
What a silly, swoony girl.

Also, I've been guzzling sweet tea all day and I'm afraid I mayn't be able to sleep tonight.

A sweet southern girl taught me The Way to make it and I gotta say.....
I'm impressed.
It is fabulously delicious.
Lip-smackingly delicious.
And it might be constipating me.
But whatevs.
I could use a bit of that, for a change.
(You do NOT want to know. Trust me.)

In a few weeks my little (giantly tall and very nearly 10) boys will be heading to Utard for the bulk of the summer!
I am terrified, yet.....ahem...breathlessly excited.
Not that I really feel like I need one, but...ya know...the idea of being OFF DUTY is quite tantalizing.
Plus, it's looking like I'll be escorting them out there and spending a week in the Promised Land.
Will be cool.
A friend's first baby will have just been born; I will make time for Moab this time; and I will soak up the awesomeness of my brothers and their families.
And maybe I can hack into the HR department where my husband works and give him an extra week of vacation time so he can come with me this time...sniff-sniff...

My career aspirations are all over the chart and stalled out, as usual.
I wish there was therapy for THAT.

Please universe, show me the way.
I just want to know where I belong.


Queenmatrai said...

I still enjoy ur blog - cheesy or not ;)

LudivinaLe88787 said...
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Midwestern City Boy said...

It's not too cheesy for me either. I always love it when I see that your blog has been updated.

Amie said...

not cheesy. wish i felt that way about my husband. your defiantly a lucky girl

LarryLilly said...

Well, ignore the previous two posts, they arent from here.

But life is what we get while we make other plans, so as far as the why amd I here etc. just take the choices in front of you, spend some time on improvement in what ever area strikes you as more than just a passing thought and spend slightly less in an area that will help, even if at first it doenst seem easy. After a while, that which isnt will be and that which isnt worth it will be dropped replaced by another.

just keep it all moving and you will be fine.

suziejd said...

I love, too, when your blog has been updated. (hint, hint.)

Elizabeth said...

Oh, my, I think you need to change your title from Bored Housewife to Smitten Kitten. Nobody that in love minds doing all the mundane things we housewives are required to do. But I remember that time in my relationship with Steven...It's the love that captures you, numbs you to the dullness of the tasks and eventually your life, until you are ensnared, and bored, and horny, and lonely. I know it and live it. Enjoy this time, Bored Housewife, while it lasts. I