Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Today was strange...

I woke up heavily, groggily
and spent ten minutes getting my kids dressed and out the door,
then grabbed an armful of cook books
and got back in bed with the intention of browsing them for new recipes.
(my repertoire could use a little spice-up!)
Which reminds me--
I have this paranoia that has developed recently that women who cook with great variety also...are endlessly creative in the bedroom.
I wonder about that sometimes.
I have, at times, considered myself to be...ahem...highly adventurous and generally terrific in bed.
But I still wonder.
Because I'm often quite stale in the kitchen.
Buuuuut....that's because I like to cook things I don't have to think about or prepare for--because I'm spontaneous and unpredictable.
Which goes over well in the bedroom (or the bathroom, or the walk-in closet...that one is convenient for weekend afternoons...).
Wow, I got sooooooo sidetracked!!
Ok, so this morning I climbed back in bed.
And I placed those books on His side of the bed and I snuggled back in and considered
for just a brief moment.
And 3 hours later, after sad, unsettling dreams,
I woke, peed, and got back in bed.
I was still so tired...
so I slept again, and dreamed nicer things.
I woke up for good at 12:30.
I must be fighting off a cold or something because I never sleep that long.
I fell asleep last night at 10, and I usually get up with my kids at 7:30 and stay up all day.
Very bizarre.

So.........yeah. That's the story of today.
Oh, also, I took the kids on a short bike ride.

Hooray for bikes!!

Something smells really nasty.

I'm still kinda foggy.
So I think I'll go to bed.

It smells like gasoline and feet.


D-Man said...

Cook books are my favourite kind of book.

Leesa said...

I hate sleeping for 3 hours. I always feel out of sorts the rest of the day.

Midwestern City Boy said...

I can always go back to bed and have no problem at all sleeping until well into the afternoon. You seem quite well by my standards.

Bored said...

D-man, are you trying to tell me you just read them for the "articles"???

Oh, ugh! Naps like that are THE WORST, Leesa! This was slightly different because I was only awake for a few minutes before falling back to sleep, and I'm pretty sure I was sick. :) But naps blow.

Heh. It might be a guy thing, MCB! My love can nap anytime, anwhere.

Warrior said...

hhhmmmm no gas leaks near by?

E. said...

I would not assume that awesome cooks are necessarily awesome lovers. Though I think the kind of cook that can just throw something wonderful together at the drop of a hat with whatever's on hand and no recipe might be more likely to be hot in bed. Spontaneity is crucial, and just that... flow.