Monday, August 25, 2008

Where am I??

...I'm pretty sure I'm in Maine.
But the thing is, my whole world has just flip-flopped so it's hard to remember if I'm where I wish I was or where I actually live...until I remember that I
live where I have wished to be for the last 12 years or so!
But in a decidedly good way.

All my stuff has been crammed into a vast, but already semi-full, garage as well as into the front room/living room of the house.
We arrived Wednesday, all of us within hours of each other.
Love had driven the 40 hours in about 50--meaning he only slept about 10 hours in two solid days of driving--and the kids and I had taken a red eye...meaning we had not had much sleep ourselves.
So, Wednesday saw us going to bed early and leaving the truck in the driveway, virtually untouched.
Love had also transported my mama kitty (who was our new kitten just last fall!) and the kitten my boys had chosen from her litter--gotta post some pictures, those two are beautiful calicos who are as identical as my boys!
Anyway...Thursday we acted like human vacuum cleaners and sucked all my stuff out of that truck and into the aforementioned garge and living room.
Late Thursday night we went to bed satisfied--the truck was empty!
Friday morning we packed the car and the kids and headed for a long weekend of intense fun with a bunch of friends.
Absolute best weekend on record.
Perfect weather, perfect waves, perfect rollercoasters, perfect water slides--perfectly behaved kids!

This week is school shopping and trying to get the house ready for my stuff to find permanent homes.
Next week school starts and we can finish sorting through the physical by products of the collision of our two worlds.

Meanwhile, we got a little more cycling gear so we're both raring to get back in the saddle and we feel compelled to get a little more use out of the kayaks before the season ends...
So how is it that I'm gaining weight????
Stress. I blame stress.
(unfortunately I also gain weight when I'm content, so I guess I should quit looking for a scapegoat and just eat less...)

That was all such a recap version...I feel like it's terribly incomplete.
Like, I didn't tell you that one of the boys got stuck in his seatbelt so I had to CUT IT OFF HIM...grrrr.....
He had been twisting himself around in it so it was his fault, but then the release mechanism wouldn't work, either, so it was the car's fault, too. Heh.
I've ordered a new one and it should be installed next Wednesday.
Made for an interesting roadtrip over the weekend, because of course it was one of the edge belts, not the middle one, so the two (teenage) kids in the regular backseat had to be smooshed right next to each other (my two were in the "way back").
I also didn't tell you about the ridiculous fight I had to get into with the Ex and how cruel his words are and how manipulative he is and how he always ends up getting his way.
But that's just dirty laundry or whatever so who cares?
I'll write more soon.
The best news is that my brother discovered I had a bad video card in my old computer and that is the only reason my monitor wasn't working AND that the computer itself kept shutting down!!!!
I have MY computer back, along with my flatscreen!!
My desk is here, too.
Oh, god, oh god, I can't wait to have this house all set up!!!!!!

Ok, I'm off to do a little school shopping.
I hope the end of summer finds you all well and happy.
Since I'm sucking at this blogging thing, please do feel free to send me an email if you feel like it. (notsoluckystar AT gmail)
Hugs to you all.

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