Saturday, August 09, 2008

Rainy wedding day number 2

We are at the wedding of a friend of my Love's.
She sold him his house 3 years ago and
This is her 2nd marriage since then.

It is cold and rainy so their beach wedding morphed into a
covered-porch (overlooking the beach) wedding.

I am bored because I don't know anyone here and I am freezing because
I have on strappy heels, a long sexy skirt and the heaviest jacket I
could find which is only a light fleece.
My fingers are growing numb.
I guess the more important issue is that I hope it's not a bad omen
that it rained on both of her wedding days...
It has set me to dreaming about my own wedding..
We are so in love it radiates off us--
I would venture to guess we overshadow the bride and groom.

*****that was yesterday****

We are taking the kids to Seussical the Musical and just waiting for
it to start.
Having so much fun this summer there's hardly time to pee, let alone blog!!!

Lighthouses and ferries-to-islands and beaches and hikes and kayaking!!
You would think, with a list like that, that I would have lost a bunch
of weight, right?? would sure help if we weren't ALSO eating copious gobs of
fried seafood!
I dunno, man.
I am also still riding my bike nearly every day, since the last time I
wrote and yet
And yet
Here I am, back in my "fat" clothes.
At least I don't have to question whether my Love will still adore me
if I gain weight! Ha! Question answered.

We will leave in a few days to take my kids to visit their Dad in Utah
and to pack up my furniture and belongings for Love to drive across
the enormous bulk of this country.

He is my rock.
He makes me laugh and swoon and breathe easy.

The play's about to start...
Love and miss you all!

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