Monday, July 07, 2008

Thoughts in shards

Because there is so much going on around me!
I love it, but...
I do like some peace and quiet from time to time.
Ok, more like I like some peace and quiet every single day.

I can't think clearly with so much going on.
It is a hot day here and I feel lethargic with all of the Nothing I've been doing.
I got my suitcases unpacked and loaded into the wonderful space that my Darlin' cleared out of his huge closet for me.
And I sorta got caught up on, not really.
I just wrote a brief summary of our reunion to a girl who didn't go.
Saturday night was the 15th reunion for my high school class.
It was cool.
I have thoughts, but they are disconnected from my fingers right now.
More later.

I better just go cook dinner...or go to the store and buy something to cook for my giant family (ok, not so giant: 4 kids and a guest plus Love and I).
It's hot out.
Maybe just watermelon.
Or a nap.
I have awesome pictures, too, and plan to do some hardcore writing this week, so stay tuned......

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