Tuesday, July 08, 2008


So much for having my computer accessible again!
2 hours I spent on my laptop yesterday and now the power cord doesn't
charge it.
Does this mean I am destined to lose my mind, slowly and steadily?
I need an outlet for the thoughts scorching their jumb led messages
into the backs of my eyeballs but
Writing on my Blackberry I'd slower than writing with a pen and paper.
I have a warranty so I will check into that.
But I kinda wanna cry.

Other than that I'm blissfully happy.

It's going to be hot and sticky again today.
Sounds like a day for Lucia!

We have a very long list of Crap We Must Remember To Do but we are
utterly distractable.

I am getting more out of shape by the second.
Pissing me off
Must find a routine of some kind in all this happy chaos.
With routine there is time for working out.

Have a very great day.

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