Monday, July 21, 2008

Is July really almost over???

I have so much to say!
And for once…I believe I may have not only the time but the WORDS and a computer!
It’s not connected to the internet, but that is not a problem.
I just need the outlet; I’ll post it when I can.

It has turned muggy;
I guess summer has finally arrived.
I enjoyed the drier, cooler part of the summer up til now, but I’ll take the humidity.
It reminds me with every drop of condensation on my brow that I am
I have been struggling with what that means and I’m sure you’ll hear more about it over the next few months, but for now it means I am where I belong and
I am
the one I belong…with?
Eh, that was almost as bad as Mike Meyers saying, “Allow myself to introduce….myself?”
Whatevs. You get it.

My love and I were shopping with the boys, to spend some birthday money they had received, and we spent some time at a kitchen store that happened to have a toy section. There were several long shelves packed with model horses and fairies and dragons, etc.
I was giddy over them—overcome with childhood yearning for playing with such things.
I showed him the ones I liked best and giggled and said how much I would have loved them as a child—and that I would play with them Today if I had them.
Several days later, the conversation having been covered with layers and layers of words from our nearly constant stream of dialogue, I saw a bag in his truck from the kitchen store and offered to bring it in for him. I assumed he had gone back for one of the kitchen items we were so taken with but when I mentioned it he blushed a little and said, “I was going to wait for just the right time, but now this is just the right time!” He sprang from his chair and jogged out to the truck. I was curious, but still had no inkling. He began to unroll some tissue paper and out came the Pegasus! I melted. He had remembered well; there were also the male and female fairies that I have named after us, he atop a brown (anatomically correct) stallion and she atop a white unicorn with a dusting of glitter in mane and tail. I can’t stop smiling, even now. And yes, I played with them. They are inspiring to my child’s mind and I will report on their adventures as they happen…

Speaking of adventures, there have been so many since I’ve been here!
Even some of the ones I’ve reported on have been poorly represented because of the inability of my blackberry’s keyboard to accommodate the speed of my thoughts connecting with my fingers.

I have lost more than a few cool ideas for lack of ability to record them, but I’ll do better.
I must remember that I suck like a toothless whore at saving thoughts for later retrieval; poetry is ephemeral.
So far, my Mexican Synthroid seems to be working like the usual, but who knows.
We have been swimming and sailing and kayaking and motorcycling.

We have been eating lobster like kings.
We have been so busy that I would not have had time to blog even if I would’ve had a computer.
I bought a bike yesterday.
Haven’t had one in years!
Am soooo excited to ride it.
(today I bought an ass-lovin' gel seat and a high-quality helmet, after going for my first ass-kickin' ride...ugh...someone got SOOO out of shape!!)

I’ve been having a bit of trouble with navigation.
Odd, since this is where I grew up!
I have a couple of really good excuses for this, however…
First, my home base is slightly askew of where it always has been.
Only a few miles but just enough to really fuck with my head when I’m trying to figure out the quickest route somewhere.
Remember my post about Maine having no straight lines?
Well it’s true.
So I don’t know where I am in relation to where my parents are, as far as North, South, etc., but I always feel like I’m further from town and I’m actually closer to a lot of things.
Very unbalancing.
So I was juuust getting the routes down, when the lovely construction force decided to close down the road I live on.
This road is right off Rt. 1, which is a main thoroughfare.
And now we have to add about 8 miles to every roundtrip we take from here…damn gas prices…AND it brings back in full force the question of “which way’s fastest??”
This road will be closed until November, as they are constructing a whole new bridge.
The next problem is that some of the places we go are very obscure and require several turns into places previously uncharted by me at all—and Love takes a different route every time.
Oh well.
I successfully maneuvered to and from his friend’s house yesterday by myself—in from one side of the “mountain” and out another side.
…yes mountain must be in quotes because I’ve just left the Rockies.
These mountains are so old they’re barely even here anymore.
But they sure are beautiful—all green and rolling, like laughter incarnate.

We found a good beach for starfish.

I am going to go shower now and then see if I can’t write me up a good ole press release for my honey.

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