Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Crescent Beach

Sea breezes and solitude.
Could only be better if my Love were here, but
Oddly enough,
I'm just as happy to know that he is spending some quality time with
one of his boys.
"Solitude" refers to the fact that there is only one other small group
on this tiny moon-shaped beach and they are at the other end.

We passed my elementary school on the way here and I saw the tall row
of trees we planted on Arbor day 23 years ago.
Fuckin sweet!


We stopped at that L shaped row of trees on the way back and I hugged
the one I think was mine. How 'bout that fer tarded??

I poured all my fears into a rock and thre it into the sea.

And have I mentioned the birds?
No, not the one that pooped on Shar the other day.
But the ones surrounding this beautiful house.
They sing to me in the cool, misty mornngs
And in the warm, breezy evenings.

Girls Night.
Will I wish for my sweet one the whole time?
Well, YEAH, duuuuuh.
But I will also just drink and laugh with a couple of great friends.
Oh, that reminds me!
Gotta call a couple more.

Adios, amiogs(is it the same plural??)

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1 comment:

Leen said...

made me smile seeing your name light up in my bloglines. good to see you honey.