Sunday, July 13, 2008

Beautiful Day!

It is Sunday and there is a cool breeze swirling through this sunshine!
I am at peace with my world.
It isn't always easy to find peace, even with my Soul Mate at my side--
big decisions, big plans, big changes.

I miss this daily outlet so much.

I have a beautiful little paper journal that I've been using a bit, as the thoughts break the dam and must be let through.
A gift from my Love.
And I just opened it to find a few passages I wrote so that I could share them here, and found the following smile-maker:
"Just so you know,
I don't read anything in here. I just flip up to a random blank page and leave a little note to let you know I love you so much.

I am writing right now on someone else's laptop, which has a broken monitor requiring me to turn my head sharply to the right in order to have my eyes on these words I type.
I continually drag my lower thumb across the mouse pad and fuck with my cursor position.
Maybe I will not take for granted a conveniently working computer again.
And maybe that means that when I do have a working machine, in a comfortable setup,
that I will write.
And write and write and write.

Ok, here's what I scribbled on 7-7-08
I must write because the words are now ripe, raw, READY--
they have been fermenting, aging, but now it is time for them to be
these words that have lived their quiet lives (so far) inside my head are ready to find a new home and live on in print as foreigners in a foreign land--letters in this digital world

It could use some p;olish, but then so could be typing skills

I can't take this keyboard anymore.
i have stuff to say but this is pissing me off which makes it hgihly unrelazxing.

at least i had a flying dream last night

Twinners' birthday tomorrow.
8, if you can believe it!

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richmanwisco said...

And I actually went flying today :)

Happy B-day to the twinners.