Friday, June 06, 2008

More mobility for your enjoyment

...Or for mine, more specifically!
This mobile blogging thing kinda rocks as hard as
As hard as...
Thinder rolling through a confined space.
Yeah, something like that.
Ms. Orange asked how I was doing this so I shall tell you.
There are 2 main ways with blogger.
First, you can look in settings and find your specific email address
(which you'll have to set up if you haven't already done so) and then
you just email posts in from your (my) handy dandy Blackberry Curve.
Another way is that you can send a text or email from most any phone
to and then log in to your blogger blog for
instructions on how to proceed.
I'm sure that was fascinating.
I hope it answered the question.

It is very muggy here in Maryland and it makes my curly hair as kinky
as my bedroom hit list!
Actually, I'm pretty average these days but that's the way I like it.
My dance partner rocks my socks off when he gets my rocks off (ha!)
But I don't feel like I'm in vixen mode at all.
We are so connected...and it's just really nice to not feel like I am
valued only for my Skillz.
Of which I have many.
So I've heard.

That was quite a tangent.
The point is, it's hot and sticky in this place. I'm having fun but
look forward to getting to maine and especially to the arrival of my
I am tired.

Going to DC tomorrow to museum it up.
Two cutest nephews in the world.
I defy you to out cute these guys!
Oh, also--
Current status of me being right to boyfriend being right?


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