Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Bloggin' my way across the USA--

not exactly.
See, if I was actually blogging my way, I would have written something before NOW.
I am almost there.
But Sunday I left Utah and yesterday I arrived in Pittsburgh.
Tomorrow we'll jog over to Maryland and spend some time with my sister and her family,
and then we'll pop over to Upstate New York to see another friend of My Love's and then we'll get to his house by Tuesday at the latest (because he has a friend whose daughter is graduating high school and it is super important to him to be there).

I have been in a blogging frame of mind as we've driven these 30 hours,
but my new and faaaaabulous Blackberry is tied to a new blog because I'm toying with the idea of Starting Fresh, but as you all may have noticed, I have very little actual interest in leaving this blog.
I will have to rearrange things (if I can) so that I can mobile blog to this dot com.
Because may I just say...
this whole Blackberry thing rocks
I am glad I didn't have it a few years ago when I was hardcore addicted to blogging.
It would have been dangerous.
Having constant access to the web is fun and useful but not advised for people with a $500 a day blogging habit.
(ok, we all know blogging doesn't cost money, but I had to make it sound severe and drug-like...I think I did it.)

Alright, when last you saw our heroine, she was returning from the cruise and breathlessly awaiting the arrival of her Knight in Shining Armor.
And since I refuse to write this in third person, we are now switching back to first.
So he arrived on schedule and my cleavage and I met him at the bottom of the escalator and frankly we both nearly wept with relief.
It is just not Right for us to be apart.
It is as though the entire universe bends under the pressure of our separation.
The universe is rent as it attempts to wrap itself around the empty spaces we each should occupy until we finally do.
We hugged and hugged and drank each other in and finally
the darkness of our parting had been dissipated by the light of our reunion., that was cheesy.
Sorry, that's just how it was.

So we spent the next few days wallowing in the happiness of being together again and playing with my kids and almost preparing for the drive.
Then on Saturday morning we took the kids to my FAVORITE hike in northern utah.
Actually, the kids and I took Him--
they have been to the hot springs with me 3 times now.
And on our last visit, a few weeks ago, we crossed this bridge riddled with declarations of love and other such carved graffiti and I thought, “Hm. I wish I had something sharp.”
As we walked along, there on the path was a pair of tweezers.
I pocketed those fuckers and on the way back I left a message for my love--
Lisa (heart)s Michael 4Ever
He loved it.
The hike was beautiful and the kids were happy and chatty,
floating easily back and forth between the two of us.
The hot springs were swarmed with parents and young children,
which was completely out of the ordinary.
And when we returned from the hike it was time to throw everything in the car and go to the awesome park and have a picnic dinner with my brothers and their families.
This was the first time most of them had met him and it went spectacularly.
They all really liked him and he, days later, is still talking about how incredible they are.
Dream come true.

So, after the dinner we took the kids to their dad's house and dropped them off then went home and CRASHED.
We are not as young as we used to be.

So then on Sunday we were going to throw the stuff in the car and be out of there by noon.
I have a pregnant kitty who needed to be delivered to my brother's house because his animal loving wife had volunteered to keep her for the summer.
But I started feeling guilty about leaving her so we wasted a good couple of hours buying a carrier and special litter box and arranging the car around her stuff only to realize we were foolish to attempt a week-long road trip with a pregnant cat.
we left at 4pm.
And did not make very much progress that first day.
I think we got to...
Ogalalla, Nebraska.
About 3am.
Got a few hours of sleep and hit the road again.
It was a few hours into that next day of driving that we discovered that the luggage rack on top was killing our gas economy, just as we had predicted.
we were in the middle of cornfield nowhere and had only 30 miles left til an empty tank.
We were probably within 5 miles of running out of gas when we found a place, on a hunch.
After we filled up I bought a couple of scratch tickets because, hey, they have them here!
(not in Utah—oh, and we also bought a few cool fireworks in Wyoming, cuz we don't have those in Utah either)/
My tickets were tiny winners
(as opposed to tiny weiners)
and I ended up with $10 more than I started with.
So that was cool.
Paid for 2.5 gallons of gas.
4 damn dollars a gallon.

We stopped to pee once because there was a sign...but then the gas station was deserted and had a "No Trespassing" sign on the gate across the entrance, so we obliged.
We still needed to pee and this place was across the street:

It looked like a welcoming place to pee...
and become infected with tetanus.

Ok, so then after almost 1000 miles without seeing a single law enforcement vehicle we saw one.
And then just a few more miles and I was going 81 in a 75 and the sweetest cop ever pulled me over and gave me just a warning.

We slept the second night (from 4-9 am) in a town called...Shipshewana (I think) in...Michigan?
And then rolled into Pittsburgh around 5pm yesterday.
We were immediately assaulted by the two cutest, most excited little girls I've seen this month.
Ha. But seriously, super cute and ridiculously excited.
My love happens to be their faaaavorite “uncle” and their Mom is in a Reserve unit that was activated 6 months ago or so and they were in severe need of some extra attention.
Their Dad is one of my love's closest friends from the Navy days.
And their brother is 18 months old and FREAKIN ADORABLE.
So we've had fun here and will be hitting the road in the morning.
More adorable children to see!
My nephews are so awesome; can't wait.
And my sister is making crab cakes—yummmm!

I think that brings us up to speed, only the problem with this whole “not blogging” thing is that there are tons of awesome little stories that I must leave out due to the ridiculous lengthiness of my post.

A few highlights:
A chain of gas stations through the central time zone
(whose ass we kicked, by the way—crossed that fucker in one day's driving. Huzzah!)
called, “Kum and Go”.
No lie.
Sounds like a bodily fluid extravaganza, no?

And then here in Pittsburgh there is a building called
the Frick Building....
I wonder what they do there?

Good lord.
I really need to be doing this every day again.
It feels sooooo good!

Hope you're all well.
I miss you.

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