Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Morning Would

The roosters drew me to my window where I saw a pink and lavender sky,
smudgily covered with the pastels of a beginner art class.
I smile and remember aching for your first touch--
aching for your presence in my home, my bed.
I smile and prefer this dream to any cheap vision sleep could offer me.
...I love you.

What a lovely thought
Of visions and embracing.
Desire is a funny and wonderful thing
Something that can be felt
It has a physical component to it

My desire for you is an all consuming thing
It nourishes me
It fills me
It drives me
To you.

My desire for you is as vast as the ocean
but I wear it close, like a cloak--
lined with the satin of your love--
and I revel in the feel of it against my skin.


Those were my waking thoughts, sent to my love, and his reponse.
God bless the magical age of text messaging!!!!!

The kids and I (and two of my dearest girl friends) are heading out tomorrow night to drive to San Diego...
from which we will depart for a quick little 4 night cruise to Meh-hee-co!
I'm so friggin excited.
We found some super cheap tickets and just thought, what the hell, ya know?
I wanted to take the kids on a cool vacation for two purposes: to spend quality time together and to celebrate making it on our own.
They don't have to know about that second one. Hehe.

The day after we return from the cruise, my True Love will arrive and spend a few days with us before joining me for the drive to Maine--
It's something I've been wanting to do for, like, EVER and who better to do it with (heh-heh, i said "do it") than my best friend, true love?
And, just for anyone keeping score out there, or anyone wondering if I know what I'm talking about...well, I've certainly never dated anyone I could call a soul mate before.
Yes, I met him a bit sooner than I would have chosen--ink was barely dry on the divorce decree when our online flirtations took a serious turn.
Definitely not what I had in mind.
I figured a couple of years of dating adventures and THEN I would hope to find The One.
But I got lucky.
I got extraordinarly lucky.
And here he is.
A match for me in every conceivable way.
(did you just say "inconceivable"? I do not think that means what you think it means.)
life is grand.
He even lives in my hometown.
Where I've been yearning to move with an urgency to match my desire for a soul mate!
What could be a more perfect combination???
So, we'll drive across the great expanse of this gorgeous country of ours (at four markedly UNgorgeous dollars per gallon) and spend 2 months there with my boys (who will arrive by big ole jet airliner shortly after we do) and his boys and feel what it's like to be A FAMILY.
We are already each other's family.
We adore each other's kids and parents and friends.
He went to my parents' house OF HIS OWN VOLITION just to introduce himself!!!
Because he was jumping for joy at how friggin awesome their daughter is and couldn't stand to wait another moment to tell them so.
We will hang a hammock-for-two between those two giant trees next to the pond and we will snuggle there on sticky afternoons, listening to the buzz of the unknown insects and teasing each other until zippers fly and trees rock and
we are glad there are no neighbors.

Also, I plan to continue with college and continue with writing and I am the luckiest woman alive!

Happy Summer, All!!!
I do plan to chronicle my roadtrip here, but who knows...
Also, anyone living along I-70 who wants to meet me and/or let us sleep on your couch, email me.
notsoluckystar AT gmail DOT com

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