Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Me again...

Sitting on my bed, with the spring air sneaking in my window
with my drug of choice (American Idol) coursing through my veins (ear canals)
and I have my very own laptop at my command--
a metaphor for my life.
I feel so alive
(for the very first time?)
nah, not the very first time, but
the first time in a

And now my favorite Idol is singing Chris Cornell's version of Billy Jean...
I thought I would like it more--
oh wait!
there he goes..........
fuck yes.
This guy is a rock star.
No matter what happens with the idolatrous masses,
he will rock world upon world for many years to come.

I float, in this new space of freedom and choice.
I fly high,
no need for wings.
(p.s. Randy just told him he's gonna win and Paula's about to lick his ballsack...hold on...let's see what simon says...he's SMILING??? Wha---??? "It was amazing")
Ok.....sorry for foisting my addiction upon you.
But, hey, isn't that what addicts do?

Back to ME, cuz isn't that what you're here for?


I just spent an hour and a half on the phone with my D-earest friend!!
Oh, that voice has been missed.
So good to reconnect.

I have missed this outlet as well.
I don't know if I'll ever be "a blogger" again,
but I sure do hope so.
I like it here.
I have so much joy in my life now that it will be interesting to see how that changes my writing style--
for, the content will certainly be different.

Tomorrow I will leave straight from work to go to the mountain.
The snow will melt soon and I must wring the last drops of sweet ski season out of this winter!
It is light until nearly 8, and night skiing lasts until 9:30, so I should get a full chunk of it in before they close the lifts.
It's so warm now, too.
I'm not even packing my silk thermals.
I'll have my tunes and my skis and my memories of the last time I skied...
so I will smile, even though this time I will be alone.
He'll still be there with me, a shadow lighting up my night.

I don't mind doing things alone, but I prefer people to even the coolest adventures.
If I don't have someone to share it with, I see far less value in any endeavor.

Ok, it is past my bedtime and I have an awesome, long day ahead.

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