Monday, February 25, 2008

How apt...

I wrote this while at work today,
a palate cleanser...and a palette cleanser...hehehe...

Sometimes I have to purge some poetic residue
Before I can carry
With my grinding out of words-for-pay,
Words on parade,
in a monochrome of homogeny,
pictures in grey scale painted by my rainbow-tinged voice.

I must let these words flow out of me
Like letting blood for healing in olden days.

My thoughts all swirl around one man
In a teaming vortex of readiness;
My whole life has been leading me to him
Every step I’ve taken has been down this path
Even when it seemed I was being led away from anything resembling joy.
I want to share every part of my world with him,
And take every part of him into me.
We were made for each other as surely as the stars were made to shine.

And when I got home, I sat down to check my email and my son shouted for me to come see the rainbow--

So I did.

1 comment:

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