Monday, January 28, 2008

Pseudo-Sick Day

The kids and I had very minor cases of sniffles, but...
I just felt like keeping them home.
I do this about once a year...just as a treat.
It snowed like a motherfucker today, so I ended up grateful to have no reason to leave home.

Weekend was superb.
Had an impromtu dinner party on Saturday night which went spectacularly well.
Good food (if I do say so), good drinks (thanks to a new friend from home), and great company!
I am so lucky.

I feel so...peaceful.
So calm, so sure.

The divorce decree will arrive any day now.
I am not holding my breath, necessarily, but it'll be nice to stop waiting for it.
And it'll be even nicer to have my financial peace of mind more firmly in place.
(I'm sure Mr. Ex would love to make me pry my half of the assets from his cold, dead fingers, but the papers say otherwise...)

And then...who knows.
I start working on Wednesday.
Will be very part-time.
But whatever.
It'll give me some purpose in life...I've been spending far too much time on MySpace lately.
Filling out surveys and corresponding with old friends from home, new friends from home, and oddly yes, all the people I've been emailing with are from home--some of them live there still, some of them don't; some of them were my friends in high school, some of them I have only known in recent years (or weeks), through email.
Friggin Bizzzzzare.
But fun.
Oh, yes.
So fun.
Life is fun, but I have to make a plan...
Ok, fine. I'll just be a world-famous author.


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